Inka’s Pollo a La Brasa: Buford Highway (CLOSED)

posted on March 17, 2006 at 10:36 am

I snuck a taste of the chicken before I got around to taking the photos:

I have kept passing this place since it opened and finally stopped in to pick up some chicken. I chatted up the owner who said they have been in business for about 4 months. This is Peruvian food. I ordered a chicken ($8.00 for a whole bird) and the papa a la juancaina (boiled potatoes with a spicy cheese sauce). The chicken was great. Crispy skin and well-spiced. The potatoes (I had ordered after asking her what some traditional Peruvian dishes were) were not awe-inspiring upon opening the box. But, I found I could not stop eating after my first bite. I dont know what kind of cheese they are using (it was yellow and spicy) but it reminded me of the cheese from high school when it was baked potato day. I still ate the whole thing. A nice fresh green salsa comes with. Decent spice and it goes well with the chicken. Lots of other stuff to try and lunch is only $6. It is in the same shopping center as Phuket.

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  • Re: Inka’s Pollo a La Brasa: Buford Highway (CLOSED)
    posted by: ::Alejandro:: · March 24, 2006  1:15 AM

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Peruvian cuisine.

    It’s funny how pollos a la brasa have become the main fast food in Peru. Anytime, anywhere, there’s someplace selling them. The next time I go to Peru, I must ask about the history of this dish.

    Somewhere in my blog I have a recipe for that spicy green sauce. It’s really easy to make.

    In Peru, what we call salsa or chili here in the US is called ají.

    So when are you going to Peru?


    Peru Food

  • Re: Inka’s Pollo a La Brasa: Buford Highway (CLOSED)
    posted by: Antonio · April 7, 2006  9:35 AM

    I went to Sabor Latino Restaurant in flowery branch georgia and the chicken was better then Inkas Chicken., I reccomend it.There website is number is 770.965.2224. There cebiche is very good too.

  • Re: Inka’s Pollo a La Brasa: Buford Highway (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · April 22, 2006  8:01 PM

    The chicken is great.
    The green spicy sauce Peruvian is great.
    Try the YUCCA FRITOS, very yummy and not too greasy.
    However, I have to disagree on the potatoes in cheese sauce. This is a classic Peru dish, have had it in Lima, in San Francisco, other places in Atlanta, and the version here is the absolute WORSE EVER! They clearly use VELVEETA in the sauce. WRONG!

  • Re: Inka’s Pollo a La Brasa: Buford Highway (CLOSED)
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · April 23, 2006  3:21 AM

    LOL. Velveeta? Like I said, it was oddly similar to the cheese my high school used. Not the best thing in the world but I hate to waste food and I did not want to be disrespectful. The kind woman was smiling at me as I tasted the food. let me know if you find an authentic version in Atlanta.

  • Re: Inka’s Pollo a La Brasa: Buford Highway (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · September 26, 2006  7:57 PM

    Humm… let me guess Antonio is dumb enough to work at Salsa without SABOR! that was and will always be a car wash. The Authentic Peruvian Owners at Inka’s Grill are not only University of Georgia graduates but also great civic leaders. Please visit their web site, ~ our family eats there at least twice a week. their Chicken is not only delicious its acutally juicy, you wont find that at Salsa… For an honest opinion of Inka’s heritage and Authentic dish try them yourself. Sincerely Jorge Arroyo

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