In the news: Noon|Midtown now open

posted on May 1, 2009 at 7:57 am
Noon|Midtown, a gourmet sandwich shop, has finally opened its doors. A little bit about the restaurant from the website:

Before becoming an attorney, Chef/Owner Katie Birmingham enjoyed a successful
seven-year professional cooking career, working with Gunther Seeger and spending three years at the acclaimed Bacchanalia. After moving out of the kitchen and into an office, Katie spent many years hoping for better lunch options in Midtown. Midtown had some great sit-down restaurants and plenty of food court standbys, but there was no single restaurant that provided great food and great atmosphere, along with the promise of a quick lunch. While on their honeymoon in Italy, Katie and her husband Ross stumbled upon dozens of fabulous hole-in-the-wall sandwich places and wondered why it was impossible to get such simple, tasty food back home in Atlanta. After all, those sandwiches were not complicated–they simply relied upon great ingredients. It was then that the plan for Noon|Midtown was hatched. Two years of planning and one leap of faith later, Noon|Midtown found a home in 1010 Midtown, and we cannot wait to become part of the neighborhood.

The menu:

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  • Re: In the news: Noon|Midtown now open
    posted by: Anonymous · May 15, 2009  9:21 AM

    TOTALLY overrated for the price. I mean it was good—but not great. The $10 salad was a joke. Seriously. I don’t mind paying these kinds of prices when it’s fabulous (Alon’s, Jolie Kobe) but this place was just not up to par. Sorry.

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