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posted on February 11, 2009 at 6:34 am

One of my favorite local photographers, Broderick Smylie, has launched a Savory Exposure, a blog where he documents scenes from Atlanta’s food and beverage scene.  The man has a great eye and always manages to capture the absolutely perfect moment. The photos are personal and definitely distinctive. I like Broderick’s photos so much that I got my editors over at Atlanta Magazine to use some for a story I did a story on the fabulous underground supper club, rogueApron. They made the piece. If you aren’t familiar with Broderick’s photos, I recommend you scoot on over to his new site to check them out (photo courtesy of
And I just have to plug Gene Lee over at Eat, Drink, Man…A Food Journal. My sensei, John Kessler, wrote a lovely piece on Gene a few weeks back. It is my absolute favorite food blog in Atlanta right now. While he does review the occasional restaurant, his cooking posts are inspiring, beautiful and the reason you should give him a click. I had the pleasure of dining with Gene and his adorable fiance last week and was floored (and kind of humbled) when he told me just how long it takes to craft every post from his constant recipe tweaking to photography. The man is a perfectionist with eclectic tastes and exactly what Atlanta needs in the realm of cooking bloggers. Watch out Saveur, you have some stiff competition. 
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