In the news…a new spot from the Brothers Fox

posted on October 20, 2010 at 6:15 pm

I was just informed by Jonathan Fox that he and his brother, Justin, have started demolition on their new spot: The Big Tex Cantina. The restaurant, which gets its name from Jonathan’s nickname, is located in Downtown Decatur. The Fox Bros. are converting three old spaces–that formerly housed Nathalie’s Fish House, Levi’s Key West Fish House, and an old club–into one large space. Big Tex will be a departure from Fox Bros. BBQ according to Jonathan, since they’ll have a much larger kitchen and more room to play around with the “Texican” menu, which draws many influences from their home state of Texas. Look for items such as chicken fried steak, homemade corn dogs, stacked enchiladas (their mom’s recipe), tacos, chalupas and more. The Cantina will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night. Jonathan maintains the restaurant will still be family friendly despite having a fully-stocked bar and a pool room complete with darts. The restaurant is slated to open in late Winter or early Spring.

I don’t normally do news round-ups because so many other people do it much better. However, there’s been some interesting activity around the Atlanta dining scene. Namely…

Bill Addison of Atlanta Magazine reported today that chef Shaun Doty has decided to close Shaun’s to focus on his Yeah! Burger. The restaurant will close its doors on December 18th.

Richard Blais has opened a second FLIP location in Buckhead. The address is:3655 Roswell Road. Atlanta, GA, 30342. Since it just opened yesterday, I say give it a week. If the Westside location is any indication of the crowds, the place will be packed.

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  • Re: In the news…a new spot from the Brothers Fox
    posted by: tami · October 20, 2010  6:25 PM

    This is great news because they clearly have culinary talent beyond BBQ…however….are they also building a parking deck? This area is already one of the worst spots in Decatur to find a parking spot with Cakes & Ale being there as well as Cafe Lily, sushi place, etc…

  • Re: In the news…a new spot from the Brothers Fox
    posted by: thefoodabides · October 20, 2010  8:10 PM

    YES! I love those dudes. I have been saying for the past year that they should definitely open another Fox Bros BBQ spot – guaranteed success, but I’ll settle for this!

  • Re: In the news…a new spot from the Brothers Fox
    posted by: Carl · October 20, 2010  8:36 PM

    Tami, there’s always loads of free parking in the County lot at the end of the block (Swanton Way between Ponce Pl & W Trinity Pl). True, it’s only open for dinner and on the weekend, but that’s when the real crunch happens (since the soon-to-relocate Cakes & Ale isn’t likely to ever open for lunch in the current location). It’ll be incredible to have another breakfast spot here as well.

  • Re: In the news…a new spot from the Brothers Fox
    posted by: beth · October 26, 2010  2:22 PM

    I enjoy Fox Bros brisket, but I am so sad to see Nathalie’s fish house go! Her fish was always so delicious! Slightly salty and tender and garlicky. And her hushpuppies were yummy, and they didn’t make you sad that you ate ’em. later on like so many hushpuppies do. Please let us know what happens with her and her staff if possible. I would follow them around town for some great fish for sure!

  • Re: In the news…a new spot from the Brothers Fox
    posted by: XXX Burger sucks · October 26, 2010  4:34 PM

    Shauns must have been hurting. Nobody closes a profitable restaurant – they just hire another chef. Plus, they had a 50% off on Scoutmob – not a good sign.

    And why is Atlanta suddenly over run with “boutique” burger joints? This trend is already played out just as its starting here – typical. See Esquire this month – its the #1 trend they want to go away. Me too…..

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