I lied…

posted on March 13, 2010 at 9:03 am

*This* is the absolute last post about our wedding.

I’m sorry, but it’s been getting a lot of love around the interwebs lately and I wanted to share the links to the amazing posts people have written about us. And I know some of you ladies (and a few you gents) might want to see more pics from our soiree. It’s only fair since the planning took me away from my blog for so long. Right?

Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Southern Weddings: Real Georgia Wedding Jennifer + Jay, Part I and Part II

Our Blog of Love: David and Kendrick: Jennifer + Jay

Ashley Baber Weddings: Jennifer and Jay

Smilebooth: _____ + Jay smilebooth

The Flashdance: Jennifer & Jay

(Image courtesy of David and Kendrick of Our Labor of Love)

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  • Re: I lied…
    posted by: anon · March 13, 2010  4:36 PM

    who did the food & what did you eat?

  • Re: I lied…
    posted by: blissfulglutton · March 14, 2010  2:34 PM

    Bold American Catering did our food and they were amazing from start to finish. We organized an elegant family-style meal and our guests loved it!

    The menu:
    freshly baked grissini, herbed flatbreads & ciabatta
    bresaola, coppa, soppresatta, Italian cheeses, olives, caperberries & pistachios
    grilled romaine lettuce, shaved pecorino nocetto & toasted walnuts
    homemade mixed mushroom ravioli & a porcini mushroom cream sauce
    beef short ribs braised in red wine finished with beet sprouts & annatto seed oil
    celery root & potato mash
    sauteed escarole

    Moon also found some great wines with the help of John at Cellar 13 that we had the Biltmore order for us (a much better option than the house wines and they were cheaper!)
    They were:
    Caldora Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, 2008
    Caldora Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2007

  • Re: I lied…
    posted by: JRC · March 14, 2010  2:52 PM

    Great stuff. These pics are making me reflect on my own wedding, which Bold American also catered. Congrats again, I am sure these will bring you happy memories in the years to come.

  • Re: I lied…
    posted by: Sean M · March 16, 2010  7:54 AM

    nice picture! That’s Matt checking his phone in the back left isn’t it??? hah.

  • Re: I lied…
    posted by: kate b · March 17, 2010  3:33 AM


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