Huong Giang (CLOSED)

posted on December 8, 2006 at 1:38 pm
I can’t say how much I love Vietnamese food. The clean yet complex flavors are both exciting and comforting. However, I just don’t seem to eat it enough. I think this place might change that. My friend, Joel, called me a couple of weeks back excitedly telling me he’d found a new place and we had to have lunch there ASAP. Holidays, deadlines, and me coming down with flu prevented us from getting there until today. The restaurant is very well-decorated for a BuHi spot. It is modern and has a couple of plasmas on the wall. Joel and I ordered a lot of food. Maybe too much but we were both excited to try as many dishes as possible.
We started with some fried spring rolls. They were just average nothing awe-inspiring. I prefer them to have a bit more air between the layers and less chewiness.

The roasted shrimp with tamarind. Plump, fresh and well-seasoned with a tangy salt and pepper. These little devils were a delight to eat.

Rice flour cake with ground shrimp in banana leaf. I saw many people having these but they were just not too my taste. Too glutinous and fishy. They just did not taste like much. They had other dishes with rice flour that looked interesting.

Bun (noodles with pickled veggies, lettuce, ground nuts and fried shallots) with pork paste balls. I was a bit weirded out by the pork paste but my curiosity got the best of me. They were sooooo good. The meatballs were like Chinese sausage but better. A+

The Bo Luc Lac (filet mignon with salt, pepper and lime). This dish is also sometimes called “Shaking Beef” at other restaurants. It came with a fried rice and it was delicious. A must try. Joel, who is not a big filet mignon eater, kept going back for more.

The best damn thing I have eaten in a long time. Filet mignon in vinegar. This is the set up. They bring a hot pot on a burner with vinegar and tomatoes bubbling away. There is a plate of shaved filet mignon and onions which you cook in the vinegar while soaking your rice paper in a warm bowl of water. You then add vermicelli, pickled carrots, fresh herbs, wrap it in the paper and then lettuce. Dip and enjoy. They also serve this with sizzling oil instead of vinegar. I am getting this next time.

The sliced filet mignon.

The fresh herbs.

The perfect end to the meal. A little personal espresso with condensed milk. First time I have had it hot. It was wonderful.

The Verdict: Get there now if you like Vietnamese. Clean, simple, and perfect comfort food for this nasty weather. The service was also stellar. I might make this the next supper club outing.


Address:4300 Buford Highway — Independent Plaza (new development past Fiesta Plaza on the left)
Cuisine: Vietnamese
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  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: mingaling · December 8, 2006  4:22 PM

    I am drooling. There is no way I’m missing this is you’re making it a supper club meeting.

  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · December 9, 2006  10:49 AM

    Good to see you back here. Looks like a great place. Do they serve Pho? As cold as it is this week in Atlanta, I sure could use a good bowl of pho.

  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · December 10, 2006  12:26 AM

    looks great! do they have pho? is it inside 285?
    your sis

  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · December 10, 2006  4:39 AM

    Yes, they do have pho if I recall correctly. Hi sis!

  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · December 10, 2006  4:44 AM

    It is located in the new shopping center past Fiesta Plaza on the left. You cannot miss it.

  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: Gwen · December 18, 2007  12:40 AM

    OMG! Your pictures of the food made me so hungry. I was there three times last week and I am coming back for some this weekend.

  • Re: Huong Giang (CLOSED)
    posted by: Sammy Pants · August 5, 2008  7:26 AM

    When did this close? I was driving past it the other day and it looked open (but I didn’t stop in, so no idea really).

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