Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Westside

posted on June 24, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Hop City: West side
Until a few months ago, those of us who live on the Westside were forced trek if we found ourselves in need of a bottle of wine or some beer that didn’t come from some seedy package store or gas station. So, color me excited when I heard Hop City had opened its doors across from Octane. Like most people, I thought this was a beer only operation, but the stores’ owners told me they try to stock a wide variety of “everyday wines.” And they have a nice selection of affordable options from all over the world. I picked up a Rose and some Cava the other day and spent around $15/bottle. Moon knows much more about wine than me and liked the store. His only complaint was that they don’t have “shelf talkers,” which would be a big help since the store is apparently understaffed.
Hop City: West side
A shot of the wine section

As expected, the beer section is huge and has pretty much anything you could ever want as a beer drinker. I was especially excited by the variety of Japanese beers, including a new type of Hitachino I’d never had before. They also have all the stuff you need to make your craft beer, which I know nothing about. But it’s there.
Hop City: West side
Hop City: West side
Cold beer.
Hop City: West side
More beer.
All in all a good addition to the neighborhood and their pricing is just right. The owners claim they are cheaper than Green’s or Tower. And they are more than happy to order something for you. I suggest you join their free club so you get more tailored recommendations based on your past purchases and invites to special wine/beer dinners.
Address: 1000 Marietta Street, 30318
Phone: 404-350-9998

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  • Re: Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Westside
    posted by: Anonymous · June 25, 2009  6:25 AM

    The owners are quite mistaken. They are consistently $0.50 – $1.00 higher than Green's.

  • Re: Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Westside
    posted by: AsianCajuns · June 25, 2009  6:58 AM

    We went to Hop City after toddling over to TINY the other weekend (on your recommendation- thanks!).

    You must try what they recommended to us: Son of a Peach (beer). Peachy without being cloying.

    Green's is lovely, but I think I might pay the extra $.50 for Hop City because of their friendliness of the staff and lack of old-box-smell that most package stores have.

  • Re: Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Westside
    posted by: Kraig Torres · June 30, 2009  2:55 PM

    Hey Blissful Gluttons!
    It's Kraig here – the owner of Hop City. We very much appreciate the thoughtful story – we are delighted to be a part of the up and coming West Midtown neighhborhood – it's a great place to work, live, and shop! I just wanted to add a quick thank you note and to make a minor correction – we try hard to buy in large quantities (particularly on the beer side) so we can price our product competitively with all of the other major retailers in Atlanta. My customers tell me that, in some cases, we are less expensive on certain items. In other cases, I am confident we are slightly more expensive. I also wanted to add that we are only 9 weeks old and are very much in the process of adding informational shelf tags on all our wine product (and eventually, the beer!) We really appreciate all the customer support so far and hope we can continue to keep the beer, wine, and homebrewers of Atlanta happy. Cheers!

  • Re: Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Westside
    posted by: Anonymous · June 30, 2009  7:34 PM

    I shop for beverages from Jasper to Atlanta. The percentage of "old-box-smell" you speak of is less than 1% of my travel experience. Prices are in the ballpark on some items and out of the park on others with the major retailers. I'll say this, most if not all locations I visit are friendly.Never confuse a busy worker in a busy retailer as Non-friendly.Buy, Drink, Repeat!

  • Re: Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Westside
    posted by: Anonymous · July 3, 2009  12:36 PM

    Just paid my first visit to Hop City, and love the selection and atmosphere. The prices seemed better or equal to grocery store on the beer. I'd much rather support the local business in either case! Hop City key tag will be proudly displayed on my keychain and look forward to going back.

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