Hong Kong: Chapter 2

posted on September 27, 2007 at 4:53 pm

After a good night of sleep, we headed to Luk Yu Teahouse for some dim-sum. A friend, who is from Hong Kong, had recommended we go there as it is one of the most famous teahouses in the city. We made the rookie mistake of going after 11 a.m. and missed out on the carts. We were stuck with the English menu and a surly waiter who seemed insistent on giving us the tourist treatment. We did manage to order a few dishes of of the very limited menu and it was good–not great. We are going to try another place before we leave and we’ll hopefully find some more varieties of dumplings there.
Luk Yu Tea House: Hong Kong
Sticky rice

Luk Yu Tea House: Hong Kong
Shrimp dumplings

Luk Yu Tea House: Hong Kong
Singapore noodles

Luk Yu Tea House: Hong Kong
Fried squid–my sister is addicted

Yesterday was a sightseeing day and we saw some beautiful temples and other sights around the city. It is amazing how different certain parts are from the bustle of the downtown area. I convinced my family to follow me to a little dive noodle bar that Bourdain has covered on his show. The place is run by some body builders and it was awesome (and fast). My sister, Dad, and I got the beef brisket soup with noodles and my mom got the pork knuckle soup with noodles. It was great. Full-flavored broth and chewy noodles with good bite. I would definitely recommend it.
Long Kee Noodle Shop: Hong Kong
Poster on the wall

Long Kee Noodle Shop: Hong Kong
Pork knuckle soup

Long Kee Noodle Shop: Hong Kong
Beef brisket soup

Once our tour guide realized how food-crazy we all were, he decided to take us to a dried seafood market where many locals and restaurants shop. I have to admit the smell of all the dried seafood is pretty intense and overwhelming. But, it was cool to speak to the people and find out all the different uses for the many types of dried items. One thing that caught my eye were these chunks of smoked (?) pig’s head.
Dried seafood market: Hong Kong

Dried seafood market: Hong Kong
A huge shark fin–this one probably measure 5 feet tall.

Dried seafood market: Hong Kong
Bins of seafood

My first taste of Shanghai soup buns was here in Hong Kong some ten years ago, so I was determined to have some again. My Dad picked a Shanghai restaurant, called Ye Shanghai, in the Marco Polo Hotel in Kowloon. I don’t know much about food from Shanghai, but we really enjoyed the dishes we ordered.
Te Shanghai: Hong Kong
A fuzzy picture of the shanghai soup buns. They were awesome and I could have killed 20 of them.

Te Shanghai: Hong Kong
Crispy chicken: boiled chicken which is then roasted for along time until the skin is rendered crispy. It was awesome. Moist meat and skin like Peking duck. A winner.

Te Shanghai: Hong Kong
Fried tofu with cashews and chili peppers: Another winner. Even my Dad, who is not the biggest fan of tifu, kept going back for more.

Te Shanghai: Hong Kong
Mushrooms with greens: the mushrooms were so meaty and good. The vegetables had nice bite and it was good to have something green for a change–my family tends to like the crispy and fried items on most menus even though they are all exercise and health freaks.

So, our trip is winding down and we only have one more day left until we return to Atlanta. I have to admit, I am kind of sick of eating out–16 days of eating every meal at a restaurant can do that to a girl. I feel a diet (gasp!) coming on. I also miss cooking and have lots of inspiration to pull from once I get my knives out again.

I am going to try and add one more post before I leave, but things are going to be pretty hectic in preparation for our flight back. I have loads of photos that have not made it onto the site and you can view them in my Flickr Hong Kong album here if you like.

Thanks for reading and Happy Eating,

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  • Re: Hong Kong: Chapter 2
    posted by: Andrew · September 28, 2007  1:57 PM

    Too bad about those shark fins… I’m not exactly a marine biologist, but due to the size I would be willing to bet they came from whale sharks. There are some really dumb things that happen in America regarding animals raised for food, but to kill an endangered species for “medicine” is completely ignorant. Clash of cultures, I suppose.

    I’m glad you all had a good time, these pictures are amazing and inspiring!

  • Re: Hong Kong: Chapter 2
    posted by: Salmongirl · September 29, 2007  9:28 AM

    I LOVE the shark fin pic! Really though- all your pictures are wonderful. JeAlOuS!

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