Honey Pig: Duluth

posted on March 11, 2008 at 12:09 pm
Honey Pig: Duluth
When my friend (and fellow Korean cuisine lover), Joel Silverman, calls to tell me he just had one of the best Korean meals of his life, I drop everything and get to said restaurant tout de suite. I got such a call last night and knew a trip to
Honey Pig in Duluth was on the menu today. What a find!

Honey Pig’s is a samgyeopsal jip (pork belly house), but there are plenty of other types of meats and even a platter of mushrooms available if you have a vegetarian with you. Instead of your standard Korean BBQ charcoal or gas grill, the meat is cooked on what looks to be an inverted heavy-duty wok. We chose the “honey pig” (suckling pig) pork belly and the prime short rib. The first thing to arrive at your table is a carafe of filtered water with earthenware mugs, chilled kimchi soup, a platter of wasabi-spiced paper-thin daikon, and personal dishes of bean paste, garlic slices and chili paste.
Honey Pig: Duluth
The heavy-duty steel drums

Honey Pig: Duluth
Water carafe and mugs for the table

The waiter brings out a platter of kimchi, chili-laced salad, bean sprouts and slices of rice cake. Instead of eating the kimchi and bean sprouts cold, the contents are dumped onto the hot grill where the heat intensifies the fermented flavors in an eye-opening way.
Honey Pig: Duluth
Kimchi getting cut up before being placed on the sizzling steel drum

The meat is the next thing to arrive. The fat slices of gorgeous prime short rib were the first thing to go on. My sister was silent–a rare occurrence at most of our meals–as she gobbled down the marbled pieces of meat that just melted in on our tongues. While lettuce is an option for wrapping, two new items–the rice cake sheets and daikon slices–were an amazing contrast to the buttery beef and we quickly finished them.
Honey Pig: Duluth
The prime short rib

Honey Pig: Duluth
The prime short rib cooking on the drum

Honey Pig: Duluth
The prime short rib in a rice cake wrapper.

The suckling pork belly was the next thing to get massacred at our table. Just pure fatty and pork-y goodness. Need I say more? These are best with the lettuce wrappers and I suggest you eat them before they get too brown so you can really appreciate the texture of the belly.

Honey Pig: Duluth
The “honey pig” belly

Honey Pig: Duluth
The “honey pig” belly on the grill

Honey Pig: Duluth
A closeup of the “honey pig” belly on the grill

Just as we were about to pop, the server came out with a few more items–octopus, a bowl filled with goodies and soup. He deftly wrapped the long octopus around the shaft of the grill and it was really cool to watch it shrink and unravel as it cooked.

Honey Pig: Duluth
The octopus

The waiter dumped the contents of a bowl (rice, toasted nori and vegetables) onto the grill and proceeded to mix it with the remnants of our meal while snipping meat and veg into bite-sized pieces for the best fried rice ever! Nothing gets wasted here.
Honey Pig: Duluth
Fried rice in action

Honey Pig: Duluth
Our server cooking up our fried rice

Honey Pig: Duluth
The last part of our meal: a soup with zucchini, mushrooms and onions to enjoy with our fried rice.

Verdict: An absolute winner worth the trip and a welcome change to the charcoal barbecue spots I am so fond of. A total steal for the amount of food you get served by a lovely staff in a modern setting. I hope they stick around for a very long time. There are a bunch of other places (noodle house with Korean shabu shabu, bakery, Japanese joint and Mexican spot) worth checking out as well. Sometimes urban sprawl is a damn good thing.

Address: 3473 Old Norcross Road, Duluth, 30096
(770) 476-9292

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  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: gan911 · March 12, 2008  10:04 PM

    hate to ask BG, but how much was everything? gotta live on a student’s budget right? 😛

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · March 13, 2008  3:16 AM

    Sure thing. An order of pork cost around $16 bucks and included everything I talked about. Don’t remember the beef costs, but around the same and there are other cuts. You eat like a king/queen for cheap.

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · March 13, 2008  12:51 PM

    sounds amazing I am korean freak!
    I will have to try this place.
    I bought some sliced pork belly at Super H because I heard so much about it and really wasn’t sure how to prepare so thanks korean bbq it is. By the way what is your full time occupation if I may ask. Keep up the great work.


  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Jay · March 13, 2008  6:02 PM

    Hello The Blissful Glutton,

    I would like to thank you for all the pictures and detailed explanation of our restaurant.

    My name is Jay at Honey Pig, I did read your Restaurnat Review and wanted to invite you here at Honey Pig one more time to give you another great experience at our place. Please call me at 770-476-9292 to make a reservation with me.

    Thanks again for your review on Honey Pig.


  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · March 14, 2008  7:31 PM


    I am Blissful Glutton’s sister and I had the pleasure of enjoying your restaurant with her. I just wanted to let you know that i loved the prime beef, it was amazing. The rice cake for wrapping was one of my favorite things about the meal. Also, your wait staff was very friendly, patient, and helpful. We had a wonderful meal! Keep up the good work!

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · March 15, 2008  6:26 PM

    Your review was spot on!

    We just got back from here tonight and loved it. We got the honey pig belly and prime short ribs as well. The staff is fantastic and took great care of us while also having a very busy night.

    Definitely a new fan of Honey Pig!

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · March 17, 2008  7:45 AM


    This is Yosep Kim. I am Korean and I must agree with everything you said about this place. I think it is the best Korean restaurant I have ever visited in United States in 16 years of staying here. 🙂

    I am glad this place gets noticed as I hoped.

    Thanks for the great review that I can use to advertise Honey Pig to my co-workers.

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · March 21, 2008  5:13 PM

    Hi BG:

    Went for lunch today after a business meeting in Atlanta I ventured up 85N to Honey Pig. I stepped inside an was totally impressed. I debated between the soup on the lunch menu (which I saw a couple of Koreans enjoying)
    but decided on the honey pig pork belly. I unfortunatly was dining alone. Everything including the staff was amazing. I was completely stuffed and got a go box for my husband to enjoy for a starter before dinner. You forgot to mention the restrooms they too are a little unique which was all inclusive with a bidet and beautiful sinks. Amazing place loved the entire experience. By the way just as I was receiving my check a lady walks in saying she had never eaten Korean but had read about the place on the internet. I proclaimed that I had as well and what do you know it was Blissful Glutton, go figure. We exchanged numbers since we seemed to have both been having lunch alone. She said I wish I had been a little earlier so we could have experienced it together. Her items began to arrive and I cordially explained how to eat the items. She was totally excited about what she was about to experience. Thanks for the recommendation and now a new found foodie friend. We plan on getting together for lunch in the near future. Keep up the great work. Love your blog.


  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Waylo · March 22, 2008  5:01 PM

    Dropped by for Saturday lunch because of this review and brought 5 other friends. All of us are very familiar with Korean BBQ as well as Tofu houses, but this was quite impressive. Ordered the Honey Pig, the Miso Pork, and two orders of Short Rib. I think my favorite was the Honey Pig, though the pork was pretty good. Unsure if it was actually miso-marinated though, looked pretty standard to me. Maybe a miscommunication in the ordering? Proved to be plenty for us 6. All of us were quite happy with the food. The bathrooms, as mentioned above, are quite unique. Some random bathroom advice: Don’t use the mouth wash as soap (it’s soap colored and right by the sinks, so it’s easy to get confused)–it doesn’t get the grease off very well!

    At the end, we missed getting the soup because it was still cooking and we didn’t want to wait. But it’s something we’ll ask for next time.

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · July 21, 2008  10:56 PM

    My girlfriend recommended this place while I was in town and I must say it was awesome. Being Korean myself, I ve been disappointed with the Korean food in Phoenix, or the lack there of. So whenever I am in Atlanta I ‘d usually hit the usual spots on Buford Highway for great food. Well Honey Pig was a great surprise. I liked it so much the first time I brought my brother to the place the next day for lunch.

    Good review

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Maggie · August 18, 2008  9:08 AM

    thanks for such a detailed review! Your notes, comments & pictures made me decide to try this place for myself… We went to Honey Pig this weekend, and really loved it… it was just as you described. Without your post, I doubt I'd have found this place… and I sure wouldn't have known what all to expect when going. Great write up!

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · September 5, 2008  8:01 PM

    OMG! I’ve been wiping drool off my laptop for 10 minutes now! Thank you for the review. My husband and I are Korean BBQ freaks and are always looking for another great spot. The minute I saw the Kimchee (Personal favorite in any form) I knew I had to go. We’re going tomorrow for a taste of heaven. Thanks for the info so very much appreciated!

  • Re: Honey Pig: Duluth
    posted by: pigbrotherbbq · September 6, 2008  5:45 PM

    RUN, DONT WALK!!! This place is friendly and clean, They have mouthwash in the restrooms!!!! The wait-staff are great and very helpful. Very kid friendly, as are most of the asian rests. we go to. Cant wait to get back there!!

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