Heungboo & Nolboo: Buford Highway

posted on February 28, 2007 at 8:13 am

If you have been following my blog, you know I am a bit addicted to Korean food. Along with Japanese and Vietnamese, Korean is one of those ultimately satisfying and seemingly healthy cuisines I cannot get enough of. Since I am addicted, I am always searching out new places and Atlanta has plenty to chose from. My visit to Heungboo & Nolboo (formerly Harue Cafe) was prompted by a tip that they might have some Korean Fried Chicken–something I had been craving ever since the New York Times’ article on the dish. I enlisted a couple of friends to go try it out for lunch. Huge menu, but no fried chicken! We did order a variety of other dishes and had mixed luck.

Panchan: Good mix of salty, spicy, sweet. They appeared to be freshly made. I really liked the daikon and the peppers.
Seafood pancake: Not my favorite. I prefer the pancakes to be plain. The seafood was chewy and just not pleasurable to eat.Pork stew: Sorry I don’t have the Korean name for the dish, but my friends really enjoyed the dish. I though it was just OK. Lots of mustard seeds, pork ribs, and potatoes. I would recommend you have this before anything with heat.

Spicy squid with noodles: My favorite dish by far. Good flavor to the sauce and the squid and noodle textures were great together. If I went back, it would be for this dish alone. I am not saying it is stupendous, but a yummy Korean noodle dish worth ordering if you are there.

Verdict: I would say try the place, because the menu is so big. I did not find anything destination-worthy. I will update this post with further visits should I go.

Address: 5872 Buford Highway Phone: (770) 220-3013

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  • Re: Heungboo & Nolboo: Buford Highway
    posted by: Ash · March 2, 2007  10:06 AM

    My wife who is Japanese had better luck with Japanese than I did with English with the staff. This place may be too Asian for the average Atlantan. My wife enjoyed it but thought it too expensive.

  • Re: Heungboo & Nolboo: Buford Highway
    posted by: Zachary · March 5, 2007  2:10 PM

    Just came across your blog recently through AtlantaCuisine and Running With Tweezers. I’m in the Atlanta area as well (duh.) After reading this entry, I ran over to Buford Highway to try Baden Baden Hof’s Korean fried chicken, but it’s a pile of rubble now. Oops! I am not good at paying attention…. Hope you find your Atlanta KFC and tell the world!

  • Re: Heungboo & Nolboo: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · October 1, 2007  10:38 AM

    Korean Fried Chicken found!

    Love Letter, next to Super H in John’s creek.

    Interesting pizza coming out of the kitchen, but I was all business for fried chicken so I didn’t try the pizza.

  • Re: Heungboo & Nolboo: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · November 4, 2007  9:55 AM

    you should find out the story behind the resturant’s name. korean folk tales rule. 🙂

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