Help Legalize Street Food in Atlanta!

posted on March 10, 2010 at 8:10 am

If you haven’t heard, my food muse Christiane Lauterbach has started a great blog called Atlanta Food Carts, an attempt to grow the community of street food in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the void in street food has to do with local law, but Lauterbach isn’t content to just sit on her fine French derrière. She’s also started a petition with the following goal:

As a coalition of vendors, businesspeople, and street food enthusiasts, we demand safe, affordable, and legal access to street food in Atlanta, the surrounding metro area, and the state of Georgia.

Please help persuade local and state lawmakers to revise current restrictive vending ordinances that hinder the flourishing of street food culture and to implement a regulatory system encouraging sidewalk and roadway entrepreneurship.

Support the establishment of a food cart zone in downtown Atlanta where the current draconian regulations will not apply.

Help jump start a thriving urban street food scene that brings casual, affordable, delicious food options to our streets and promote the city itself as a food culture destination. Spread the word about the integral role street vendors could play in rejuvenating the life and economy of Atlanta through the creation of viable business opportunities and jobs for Atlantans.

Sign this petition and be part of a movement for a positive change in our mobile food system!

The petition still needs more signatures to reach the goal. So, please sign it if you haven’t already. We need to make this happen!

(Image borrowed from Atlanta Food Carts)

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  • Re: Help Legalize Street Food in Atlanta!
    posted by: Veronica · March 10, 2010  10:57 AM

    Yay street food!

  • Re: Help Legalize Street Food in Atlanta!
    posted by: Kev · March 11, 2010  6:13 AM

    If anyone can do it Christiane can.

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