Havana Sandwich Shop: Atlanta

posted on June 14, 2005 at 2:06 pm

I never found any restaurant that could compare to Havana when I lived in San Francisco. I have been going here since I was young and eating the same things over the years. The quality is consistent. The location leaves much to be desired but who cares? The food here is simply good. I like pretty much anything on their menu. Best Cuban sandwich in the city.

Address:2905 Buford Hwy
Phone: (404) 636-4094
Website: Havana

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  • Re: Havana Sandwich Shop: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · August 21, 2007  10:56 AM

    their empanadas are the best i’ve had in a very long time!

  • Re: Havana Sandwich Shop: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · December 7, 2007  9:01 AM

    i would eat a fresh steaming turd from a 3 legged cuban goat before eating another one of their cube sammies.

    horrible, overrated, soggy meat, canned black beans watery with chopped onions for….flava….mediocre rice with non descript flava, oddly colored salsa on top

    la fonda makes a better cube

  • Re: Havana Sandwich Shop: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · December 7, 2007  9:08 AM

    . . . so does kool korners. don’t forget the burnt bread. these cubans should be put on a homemade raft straight to guantanamo.

  • Re: Havana Sandwich Shop: Atlanta
    posted by: BillVol · February 12, 2008  7:04 AM

    I prefer Havana’s to Kool Korner’s. KK’s are often not heated all the way through. I don’t know if the meat in a Cuban is supposed to be “soggy,” but I do like the jucier meats in Havana’s. Both use bread from the same place. And both are excellent.

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