Happiness is…

posted on June 29, 2008 at 6:08 am
A freshly fried peach pie 
chick fil a
from the 
because sometimes you just have to revisit the places of eating past and they also make one wickedly good hangover cure. 

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  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: Mau · June 29, 2008  7:19 AM

    Amen, Sister. (Though I’m personally partial to their Apple pies, myself.)

    Not sure if they still make the Sweet Potato ones, but I got one of those by mistake once, and was pleasantly surprised!


  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · June 29, 2008  7:46 AM

    LOL. The sweet potato ones are still around but I always get the peach.

  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: flourpwr · June 29, 2008  7:54 AM

    My dad used to tell us kids about the Dwarf House back in the early 60’s before “Chick-fil-a” existed. He worked in a nearby office park and would eat lunch there on occasion. But he would sometimes order breakfast and hear “breakfast for the guy who got up too late” from the cook, who would take the order without looking away from the grill, then turn to serve it up with a smile – never was sure how he was able to pick him out of the crowd. Such good natured banter was welcomed by him but he said it annoyed others. Good to see they still have those delicious looking pies. I’ll have to make a trip there just to have one, and take one out – and to revisit a little of my past. Thanks for the reminder, and the memory.

  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: Katharine · June 29, 2008  9:07 AM

    Yum! How do they compare to the Varsity’s?

  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: Anonymous · July 8, 2008  6:14 PM

    Can you only get the Peach Pies at the Dwarf House in Hapeville?

  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · July 9, 2008  5:05 AM

    Katharine: I have never had the ones at the Varsity before. Might have to go check them out.

    And, Anon, no idea about the other locations. I think there is something special about the Dwarf House though. You should check it out…

  • Re: Happiness is…
    posted by: flourpwr · January 28, 2009  11:08 AM

    Stopped by the Dwarf House recently for a take out order of fried pies – second time since BG’s original post. They don’t have it on the menu posted on the wall, but when I asked for a sweet potato pie they put it in the bag with the peach pie I also ordered. These are the best and thankfully they don’t put a sugary coating on the outside like a lot of other places. The filling is sweet enough and a coating would ruin the crust which makes these special. I wish this place was closer. I don’t know if the other Dwarf House’s have the fried pies but I know the Chick-fil-A’s don’t.
    Need to check out the Varsity soon to compare.

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