Hanwoori Korean Restaurant: Chamblee (closed)

posted on October 24, 2006 at 11:48 am
Good Korean barbecue is a tricky thing. There are numerous variables that must all be in perfect harmony or you are in for a let down. There is the meat quality, marinade and type of cooking method (i.e. gas vs. charcoal). I found my own little perfection at Yong Su San only moments before they went and closed on me. I have long been disenchanted with Hae Woon Dae because the quality of the food just is not what it used to be. My sis and I used to frequent this massive restaurant off of 285 called Hanwoori. They had good BBQ, pan chan and a huge menu. We showed up one day only to find it had closed. I took a chance and called them the other day out of sheer desperation for some BBQ. They had just re-opened after a six month renovation. What luck! JW and trucked it on up there and made our way into the grand restaurant. There was an adorable little man directing what little traffic there was.

We sat down at out table and proceeded to check out the menu. The space was very clean and bright. There were many tables of Korean businessmen sharing various plates of BBQ and hot pots. I used to love their soups and hot pots but I was here for one thing…BBQ. The menu is in Korean with pretty poor translations and no descriptions. The waitresses were nice enough to help. I love these call buttons at any restaurant…we did not need them though. The waitresses were great and attentive.
We just decided on some gal bi and fried dumplings (pictured below). The dumplings came out first and they were pretty good. Nice spicy dipping sauce. I prefer a good pork and kimchi dumpling though.

Our pan chan and miso soup came out next. The soup was so good. It tasted like it was fresh miso and none of that powdered stuff. Good pan chan too. Smaller portions than I would have hoped for, but no matter. The whole meal was a feast. The meat came out and the woman got to cooking. Everything was very fresh. The meat was not marinated enough and they use gas. It was pretty good. I still prefer charcoal, but beggars cannot be choosers. I will definitely get a hot pot next time I am there. The businessmen had a seafood one going shabu-shabu style which looked incredible. Found out they have various locations in China and Korea. This is the only one in the country.

Verdict? Worth the visit. Needs some help on the BBQ but the menu is huge and you are bound to find something you like. Check it out. I will be going back for some dishes other than BBQ.

Address: 4251 N Peachtree Rd, Chamblee, GA
Phone: (770) 458-9191
Cuisine: Korean, Japanese

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  • Re: Hanwoori Korean Restaurant: Chamblee (closed)
    posted by: Irine · November 7, 2006  4:25 AM

    Pictures is very good. It seems to deliciously. This site is very useful. I proud of Korean food’s site. I hope to spread of many world people.

  • Re: Hanwoori Korean Restaurant: Chamblee (closed)
    posted by: Ben · January 3, 2007  11:18 AM

    I am a Korean American who has been looking for a nice Korean restaurant in ATL. I went here with my mom and wife and we had kalbi BBQ, rice cake and dumpling soup, and some sushi. Overall the food was ok. Soup was a bit salty and the bbq was fairly mild. My mom says this chain is a pretty fancy place in Seoul (where she lives). I agree that the BBQ is better at some of the places on Buford (try Cho sun ok- very good). However the decor is a step above most of those places.

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