Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)

posted on July 20, 2007 at 7:57 am
Hanil Kwan: BuHi
My addiction to Korean barbecue knows no bounds. I have found another spot that uses charcoal barbecue and it is quickly becoming my go-to spot when the craving strikes. It is full of natural light and a welcome change to the dungeon that is Hae Woon Dae-a place I feel has gone downhill in recent years. The servers are are always friendly and helpful with the menu. The bibimbap is solid, but I always go for the barbecue. One of my dining companions was feeling adventurous and ordered the “bread skin” which is pictured above. This cut of meat, which one friend surmised was shank, is an absolute dream. Fatty, tasty, and it “just keeps getting better” as that same friend pointed out. Too true. The marinade on the kalbi was balanced and intense enough to cut through the fat of the meat. The only miss was some spicy pork which came out on a “sizzling” cast iron pan instead of being cooked on the grill. The caramelized bits you get from charcoal is only thing standing in the way of this dish being good. We put it on the fire, but it was too late, and it started to dry out. The panchan are pretty basic and few dishes–like the bean sprouts–went a bit limp from the heat, but it did not take away from the experience.  It is definitely on the rotation.
Address: 5458 Buford Hwy
Phone: (770) 457-3217

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  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: Anonymous · July 30, 2007  3:09 AM

    Went yesterday after reading about the restaurant on your blog; had bbq short ribs and an order of “post stickers.”
    delicious and friendly. some staff speaks english, some does not.

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · August 1, 2007  9:01 AM

    So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: syncon · August 24, 2007  6:20 PM

    me and the wife go here all the time next to so kong dong.

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: queen of peas · April 15, 2008  8:28 PM

    i’m addicted to korean food and my husband and i have been roaming buford hwy in search of a regular korean joint to get our weekly fix. we just moved here and have both spent extensive time living throughout asia, plus my mother is korean, so we are picky!

    we LOVE hanil kwan! we take all our friends and family here…not only those with little knowledge of korean food, but even my mom. everyone is a fan. i think it’s fair priced and the service is usually fast and friendly. seafood pancakes had a nice lite crunchy edge to them and the dolsot bibimbap is a treat in the wide flat pot. i must say i wish we could cook the spicy pork on the grill.

    ps. i’m unashamedly addicted to your blog. it’s a fantastic resource for the ethnic-loving non-chain restaurant eating food enthusiasts new to atl. cheers!

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: Anonymous · November 12, 2008  5:18 PM

    I absolutely love this restaurant! It’s the best place for korean food hands down. All the older korean people love to go there because the food is so good. I really recommend that you try some of their non-bbq food. I personally love the galbi-tang (short rib soup)…it’s heavenly! It’s the only place that make it spicy enough for me. Also their dolsot bibimbap is delishhhhious as well.

    also try Ssam-Bap (for 2 ppl). it’s healthy and delicious~

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: Anonymous · December 15, 2008  1:17 PM

    Ever since I first read your review of this restaurant, I have been wanting to try it. I didn’t even know what Korean barbecue was, but I knew it sounded good. Finally went Saturday night with my husband and another couple and the food lived up to my expectations. And our friends were equally impressed with the food. Our waitress suggested the combination platter for 3 people and pot stickers. It was just wonderful, I could eat there every night.

    p.s. We live in a little neighborhood right off Buford Highway, and your reviews help point us in the right direction when it comes to navigating all the great restaurants that are so close by. I haven’t been to Chicago Supermarket yet, but that one is on my ever expanding list!

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: ayan · July 7, 2010  3:25 PM

    I think they’ve moved.

  • Re: Hanil Kwan: Buford Highway (Doraville)
    posted by: blissfulglutton · July 7, 2010  3:47 PM

    They were going to, but stayed put. Ate there last week, but I hate to say my meal wasn’t great. Boo.

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