Hae Woon Dae BBQ: Doraville

posted on July 2, 2006 at 8:27 am


I have been going here forever. It used to be my sister and I’s spot before So Kong Dong came around. Went for dinner on Friday because we had not been in a while. The place was packed. We got seated in one of the rooms with another couple. Shared some dumplings to start and they were not good at all. They were raw and just not good. The BF ordered the charbroiled squid and I got the beef. The squid was massive and in one piece. It got nice and crispy on the grill. He ate it all. My beef was very bland to my surprise. They had not marinated it enough at all. The sides were good as usual but some had been left to sit at room temperature too long and had lost their crunch as a result. I like my daikon very cold and crunchy. Soggy daikon cubes just don’t cut it. About 20 minutes after we left, the BF got violently ill. I do think it was the squid. I try to avoid seafood on BuHi in general. Shrimp and the occasional deep-fried squid are about all I do. I will go back because this palace is an Atlanta mainstay. I just think it is better at lunch.

Address: 5805 Buford Hwy
Phone: (770) 458-6999
Map: Hae Woon Dae BBQ
Cuisine: Korean
Hae Woon Dae on Urbanspoon
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