Greetings from Rome

posted on May 9, 2007 at 11:36 pm
I was debating whether or not to put this in my travel blog. My trips have been so infrequent this year so, why not post here? I am in Rome and could not be happier. The weather is gorgeous (and so are the men). Always nice to step out of my comfort zone and get a little European culture into my system. Our trip here was quite crazy, but we are here and it is glorious! Just wanted to share some tidbits of my food adventures with all my devoted readers. I am trying hard to not be the ugly tourist with the massive camera in the restaurant so many pictures may be a bit fuzzy and poorly lit. Heading out to Campo di Fiori in a few minutes and Paris tomorrow. Stay tuned….

We went on a mad hunt for a pizza place yesterday to no avail. We ended up at some no name pizza place near Piazza Navona and it was pretty good–is there such a thing as bad pizza in Rome?

Random shot of chestnuts roasted at a street stand.

A little wine shop with rows and rows of bottles that stretched all the way to the ceiling.

A lovely little enoteca called Cul De Sac with some seriously addictive truffle canapes that accompanied a little glass of prosecco.

My father requested abbacchio (roasted lamb) so I found a little restaurant called Tullio. We ate so well! Everything was fresh and the service was on point and gracious.

Fried anchovies

Fried calf’s brains and artichokes

Parma ham with melon

Roasted baby lamb with potatoes
Rome: Tullio

Fettucine with truffles

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  • Re: Greetings from Rome
    posted by: Anonymous · May 10, 2007  9:29 AM

    The street was so hot you could roast a chestnut on it? 😉 Enjoy your trip, Bliss.

  • Re: Greetings from Rome
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · May 10, 2007  9:34 AM

    I try to bring you the delights of Roma and I get no love!

  • Re: Greetings from Rome
    posted by: Sudhir · May 10, 2007  5:11 PM

    I ate at Cul de Sac last month! Terrific food – best lasagna I had in Italy. Incredible for a wine bar.

    Make sure you go to Giolitti. Il Gelato di San Crispino was sooooooo overrated.

  • Re: Greetings from Rome
    posted by: E. · May 12, 2007  5:33 AM

    “Buon giorno da Roma!” (I don’t think there are “j”s in Italian except for regional dialects, e.g., a dish called “la jota”.) These really are spectacular photographs!! Did you (or travel companion) take them over a long period of time or just in this one trip? I thought chestnut season ended long ago and that it was much too early for zucchini blossoms and cherries. Now I’m hungry!!!

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