Grape Leaf Grill: Marietta

posted on April 9, 2006 at 4:42 pm

My dining companion and I ordered the Grape leaves stuffed with beef, papaya salad with pork, bun with duck stuffed grape leaves and the flat rice vermicelli with pork. I was not crazy about the quality of the pork in the papaya salad because it was way too fatty (fattier than most) and I have found better meat at restos much closer to my house. The papaya also seemed to be underripe and was lacking some of the key flavors that make this dish balanced. The grape leaves did taste interesting (kind of a middle-eastern thing going) but the flavors became boring after a few bites. I did not try the bun so I cannot comment on it. I did have the flat rice vermicelli dish which is a fave of mine at C’om. The shrimp were almost raw (and had no seasoning) and the iceberg lettuce (offered instead of green leaf lettuce for wrapping) just killed the dish. I ended up avoiding wrapping the noodles and meat which is took away from the balance of the dish. There was a lack of herbs in everything. The nuoc cham was good though. The dishes all seemed sloppily prepared and the ingredients were not as good as they could have been. I don’t forsee this place staying open for a very long. It was practically empty at lunch and the food was just not that good (or worth the trek). I am happy with my mix of Vietnamese joints on Buford for now.
Address: 2755 Canton Rd
Phone: (678) 797-9739
Cuisine: Vietnamese

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