Grandma Luke’s Bakery and Cafe: Little Five Points (CLOSED)

posted on February 16, 2007 at 6:44 am

I am always in search of a new breakfast spot. Although I had a bad experience my first go-around, West Egg has been my go-to spot due to proximity. Grandma Luke’s caught my eye a few months back when I was in Little Five. My boyfriend and I were lazy after an early trip to Morningside the other day so I suggested we stop by instead of making something at home. The atmosphere is very quaint. They were not very crowded so getting a table was easy. He ordered the hotcake breakfast and I got the biscuits and gravy.

My biscuits and gravy were good. Not great, but solid. The BF said the gravy was a bit bland but the biscuits were incredible. They buttery, crumbly, and slightly sweet. I asked that they poach my egg, but they said they did not do that. No matter. My fried eggs were perfectly-cooked.

The BF did not like his pancakes because they were chewy. He did not finish them. I tried them and they were not that bad. Maybe they flipped them too many times or over-worked the batter. I don’t know, but I would not rule the place out based on this one dish.

Verdict: I enjoyed my meal. Solid breakfast food. Their French toast is supposed to be great and their cakes looked beautiful. I hope they make it because they seem to have a lot of heart. Check it out next time you don’t feel like waiting in the obscene lines at Thumbs Up or West Egg. Let us know what you think.


Address: 1156 Euclid Ave

Phone: (404) 584-0444


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  • Re: Grandma Luke’s Bakery and Cafe: Little Five Points (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · June 9, 2007  2:22 PM

    I really really wanted to like Grandma Luke’s Breakfast’s but It gets worse every time we go. I have given it 5 xtra times to get it right and last weekend was my last attempt in May 2007. The Omelets are just bland and the the servers are sweet but It takes forever and ever to get the food and get it right. I really wanted it to be good cause we can ride our bikes there on the weekend.
    It just isn’t worth the disappointment.

  • Re: Grandma Luke’s Bakery and Cafe: Little Five Points (CLOSED)
    posted by: Go Dawgs! · June 17, 2007  4:00 PM

    I’m sorry to hear your sad news about Grandma Luke’s. I LOVE GRANDMA LUKE’S and look forward to the tasty treats each weekend. The banana bread french toast is so unique and SO good! Character and charm are not served up to order in 2 minutes. Luke’s is a great add to my L5P. I hope others find their way there.

  • Re: Grandma Luke’s Bakery and Cafe: Little Five Points (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · August 20, 2007  8:22 PM

    My friends and I were wowed our first few visits to Grandma Lukes but have found a steady decline our last 3 visits. Inconsistency with product and the baked goods we most recently had were definitely stale. The biscuits we so loved have become hard and inedible. Hope they get it together because it is a good concept.

  • Re: Grandma Luke’s Bakery and Cafe: Little Five Points (CLOSED)
    posted by: Cindy · August 21, 2007  5:44 PM

    I agree, at first we loved Grandma Lukes but lately we have been disappointed.
    We have had eaten there a dozen or so times and the last 5 were not up to our expectations.

    I do not think we will return.
    Sorry Grandma Luke.

  • Re: Grandma Luke’s Bakery and Cafe: Little Five Points (CLOSED)
    posted by: Terry · September 22, 2007  3:46 AM

    YUM! We had a late breakfast there last weekend – seems like there’s new management cuz it was GOOD. Its great to have a place closeby for breakfast.


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