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posted on September 19, 2008 at 12:19 pm

 I didn’t get a chance to visit JapanFest last year, but heard some good reports. There are performances and a bunch of other things going on, but who am I kidding? All I am interested in is the food! Check it:

Haru Ichiban: Tonkotsu Ramen ($7), Onigiri Bento ($7) and Japanese Beverages ($2)

Nakato Restaurant: Chirashi Zushi and Green Tea Bento ($10)

SunO Dessert: Kaki Gori Shaved Ice ($3 Small, $5 Large), Ultimate Strawberry, Ultimate Mango, Red Beans, Strawberry-Kiwi, Oreo, Bubble Tea ($2), Black Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea and Thai Tea.

Sushi Yoko: Sushi ($6), Unagi Sushi – Eel Sushi ($6), Curry Rice ($5), Bento Box ($6), Gyu Don – Beef Rice Bowl ($5), Una Don – Eel Rice Bowl ($5), Udon Noodles ($5), Oden ($6), Yakisoba ($5), Somen ($5) and Onigiri – Rice Balls ($3.

Taka Sushi and Passion: Curry Rice ($7), Dorayaki ($1), Inari Sushi ($3), Hiyashi Udon ($6), Yakitori ($5), Teriyaki Burger ($5), Katsuo Tataki ($10), Yakisoba Misoni Lunch ($8), Green Tea Ice Cream ($2) and Dong Ding Oolong Tea ($2).

Tomato: Various Japanese Food Products

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