Fune: Midtown (CLOSED)

posted on March 30, 2007 at 6:50 am

I was expecting the worst when I went to Fune for lunch a week ago. I am a self-proclaimed sushi snob and nothing compares to my beloved Taka Sushi Cafe when it comes to freshness and innovation. That being said, it was not as bad as I thought it would be (I was expecting stale rice and fishy-fish). The setup is pretty simple-the sushi comes around the conveyor belt (picture above) and you grab whatever you want as it passes by. The plates, prices are tiered according to color (see the menu guide at your table), are automatically charged to your bill. This is not the place to go for fresh sashimi-maki (rolled sushi) is king. I am normally not a huge maki person. When I go for sushi, I get sashimi and like to savor the flavor of the fresh fish–I did not even try the sashimi at Fune. That should tell you something. Here is the rundown of what we ordered. White tuna and asparagus roll: The fish was quite fresh and the sweet asparagus was a welcome contrast. Freshly-made sushi rice and an overall good roll that I would order again.
Fune roll (get it?): Not bad either. Fresh fish and I liked the use of the rice paper roll instead of seaweed.
Salmon nigiri: Fresh-tasting and I could find no fault with it. Well-prepared.
Grilled squid: The most expensive thing we got. It was ok…nothing special, but my dining companion still inhaled it-I found it chewy. I don’t think he would have ordered it again though.

We also ordered some yakitori items and the deep-fried quail egg. The yakitori items were doused in sauce and I would ask for it on the side next time. They ran out of quail eggs, so we never got to try it.

Verdict: They do have some kinks to work out, but I don’t see them capturing the business of Atlanta’s sushi aficionados This is not a go-to spot for the freshest sushi in town-it doesn’t aspire to be that, but it is no Ru-San’s either. The decor is sexy and fun. They are also open late and I can actually see myself hitting it for a late-night bite since Atlanta is seriously lacking in late-night spots that don’t start with Waffle. Good for what it is and more of an experience than food-destination. You be the judge.

Address: 860 Peachtree St.
Phone: (404) 541-9322

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