Fritti is fried

posted on January 21, 2007 at 9:14 am
A good pizza margherita is probably one of my most favorite foods. Finding a good one in Atlanta has proved to be an arduous task. For the past year, I have been frequenting Fritti in Inman Park whenever the craving hits me. I am sad to report that my recent experiences there have been very disappointing. I had a quick lunch there with a friend last week and I felt like it was a waste of money. I ordered a cesar salad and pizza margherita. My salad was literally gray and so overdressed that the lettuce was just melted into a soggy mess. I was shocked that the kitchen actually sent it out it was that bad. My pizza was a watery mess. It was topped with a poor-quality basil that was so strong it tasted artificial. The crust tasted like it had been rolled out and frozen before finding its way to my plate. It was not fresh by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe the change in management is behind the dip in quality? Who knows? I just know I won’t be back anytime soon.
To see my previous experience, click here.

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  • Re: Fritti is fried
    posted by: mike · January 30, 2007  6:56 PM

    i’m with you on Fritti. it has really been sliding.
    great blog you have here, just found it.

    wow! look at me! i’m bloggin!

  • Re: Fritti is fried
    posted by: Anonymous · September 4, 2007  7:43 AM

    If you really understand the restaurant business, vs. just being a glutton, you understand any restaurant can have a bad day.

    Reviews at other blogs are still positive.

    Give the place another chance, if you want to be objective.

    Fair Lady

  • Re: Fritti is fried
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 4, 2007  11:38 AM

    Well, I’d like to think that my degree from culinary school, time as a cook on the line, and waiting tables give me a pretty good “understanding of the restaurant business vs. just being a glutton.”

    I used to adore Fritti and the quality slipped. I wrote this follow-up to my positive review after a few visits that were way below average. I choose to spend my money elsewhere.

    Concerning other blogs with positive reviews, I think that is great that there are a variety of opinions out there.

    As far as being objective, I am not quite sure what you are getting at? I have no personal feelings or connections to the restaurant–do you?

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