Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five

posted on October 16, 2007 at 5:41 pm
Fox Brothers BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five Points
Fried pickles


I find barbecue to be a hard thing to critique because it is so incredibly subjective. Methods vary by region. Heck, they vary by county. And, I am not the biggest barbecue enthusiast (unless you count Korean). I do, however, get the occasional craving to sink my teeth into a pulled pork sandwich or some tender ribs every once in a while. When I do go to a barbecue joint, I judge them on the following criteria (I am sure you have your own): the sauce, tenderness of meat, level of smokiness (too much can be a bad thing), and sides.
When I first went to Fox Brothers BBQ, it was a couple of years back while they were selling their food out of Smith’s Olde Bar. Atlanta foodies were rabid for the stuff and I quickly found out why. It was solid and much better than most places I had tried in Atlanta. The news that the brothers had secured their own restaurant space buzzed around the internet and barbecue junkies anxiously waited for the place to open. When the doors did open at the end of the summer, people rushed over and were absolutely evangelical about the food.
Being the curious sort, I went the first week and ordered the pork and brisket with a side of collards and mac. Also got the fried pickles. The meats were very moist and tender. Collards were well-balanced. The macaroni and cheese was made with large shells and the creamy sauce was a great compliment to the tangy barbecue sauce. The fried pickles were incredibly crispy and the breading was fresh. They were a bit on the salty side, but the ranch dipping sauce gave it enough tang to mask the salt.
I got the ribs and chicken with green beans and baked beans on my second visit. Ribs were very, very dry. They also had a bit of an off-putting flavor to them–reminded me of sulfur. I have heard the ribs are amazing, so maybe I just caught them on an off day? Worth trying again based on everyone’s praise. Chicken was very, very good. Green beans had no salt and I barely touched them after one bite. Baked beans were smoky, sweet, and just right. Also got some more fried pickles which were a bit too salty this time. They need to adjust the batter. Had the banana bread pudding as well and it tasted homemade–pecan pie is supposed to be good too.
My next visit was for the pork plate with a side of mac and brunswick stew. My friend got the brisket with collards and mac. The flavor of my pork was very good, but it was kind of dry and way too chewy in places. It was fine after I hit it with some of that tasty barbecue sauce. My brunswick stew was the best I have had in a long while. Vinegary, slightly sweet, and full of vegetables and smoky shreds of meat. Mac was solid as usual. Date felt his brisket was too chewy and needed a bit more of cooking time–I agreed. He also said his collards were way salty.

Verdict: Despite a few inconsistencies, I would definitely say the place has its strong points and is a welcome addition to the intown scene. Great sauce, well-prepared meats, and a good assortment of solid sides. They also have a couple of homemade desserts if you still have room after one of their massive plates. I really like the atmosphere the guys have created. It is very welcoming and someone always thanks me for coming when I head out the door–nice touch. 


Address: 1238 Dekalb Avenue
Phone: (404) 577-4030
Hours: Open for lunch and dinner
Payment: Cash or credit
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  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Anonymous · October 21, 2007  9:30 AM

    I was so excited about going here and finally got the chance on Saturday. What a disappointment! Here’s what happened … they were out of 1) all pork 2) collard greens 3) any glimmer of good service. So, settling for fatty brisket, the vege platter and roast turkey we sat down and waited for an hour before the food arrived. We had ordered the fried pickles for a starter, that was completely forgotten so it came after dinner. Now, I LOVE fried pickles, but these were like little round salt licks. We were able to get a glass of water each and a beer came 30 minutes later and then we just watched the clock for the tab to come. Every once in a while I apologized to my dinner companions. Very sad.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 21, 2007  1:53 PM

    LOL. “3) any glimmer of good service.”
    I could not agree more. The service sucks.
    The food has been, as I said in my post, inconsistent. When it is on, it is good. But, horrible when it is off.
    A friend of mine surmised that maybe the guys are just having trouble transitioning from catering to a restaurant.
    I think that may be the case…

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Anonymous · October 22, 2007  3:22 AM

    I completely agree with the previous post. I was also there Saturday night – they were out of pork AND chicken, as well as several sides by the time we got there. I ordered the brisket and it was a plate full o’ fat, which makes me think they were also about out of brisket and I was getting whatever was left. Brunswick stew is consistently the best around, but the coleslaw tasted like it had gone bad and actually made me physically sick. I wanted to send it back, but alas – my server never actually came back to the table to check on us. I am bummed because I am from N.C. and so I am always looking for good ‘que and Fox Bros is in my neighborhood. But I will not be going back anytime soon…

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Anonymous · October 22, 2007  5:19 PM

    I’ve had 2 not so wonderful experiences there as well. Having grown up in GA, I’m pretty particular about my que and I was not impressed by Fox Bros. Although it’s generally bar food the ribs at the Euclid Ave. Yacht Club are much better than Fox Bros. If you are in the area and craving ribs, try them out.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Hunter · October 24, 2007  3:12 PM

    We have been twice (both on Friday nights). 10-19 and 2 weeks before. We went later in the evening (after 8) and they had everything on the menu available. Our service was faster than prompt and the 6 of us had a good sampling of the food. Ribs, pork and chicken were all ordered. Although the parking lot was completely full each time we found convenient street parking right next to the restaurant. We had the beer specials ($2 a beer) and no one could finish all their food, so to-go boxes were ordered by all on both visits. Everyone thought their BBQ was better than Daddy Dz (a group favorite for consistency) and we plan to return. I suggest those dissapointed with selection call first to see if they’re running low (the place has been PACKED everytime we go by) and visit again on a weeknight to see if they receive better service, and especially now that they have been open long enough to work out any kinks.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Tommy · December 20, 2007  12:26 PM

    I am extremely surprised by these comments. I have been to Fox about 10-15 times since they opened and have not been disappointed yet. The pork is always moist and tender, and the brisket melts in your mouth (don’t worry about the fat, it’s just the cap, which every brisket has). I eat at the bar, and I have never had a problem with service at all (also, don’t be scared by the parking lot — they have a big staff and a small lot, so it always looks packed but is not always so inside.)

    I am a big fan of all bbq, and I am very well traveled in the Atlanta choices. The only place in town that can measure up with Fox is Daddy D’z on a good night, but since they are so inconsistent, Fox is a no brainer.

    They even buck the cardinal rule of bbq eating, which is not to go at any time but peak hours. I don’t know how, but Fox has been quality at 3 in the afternoon and 10 at night when I’ve gone. Love it!

    Someone tell Jonathan I wrote this, I might get a free shot.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: CP Jen · February 10, 2008  8:28 PM

    I think the problems the earlier posters listed must simply be the kinks a new restaurant is working out.

    I’ve been there twice since I found out about the place last weekend. Both times were a good experience.

    Personally, I really dig the fried pickles. We had brisket the first time and pulled pork the second (we always share a plate, hubby and I, and get more sides). And $4 Stubbies???

    Anyway, I found the service to be fine – what I expect from a place that’s packed.

    But, what I like is that it’s a BBQ joint that serves beer that I can walk to from my house. And that my kids can go to. Because Vortex is great but only on date night….

    I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can sit out and watch the MARTA train go by….

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Anonymous · March 6, 2008  3:28 PM

    Cut them some slack, they had only been open a few months. I have been to Fox Bros several times and I absolutely love it. I have told all of my friends to go. It has a great family atmosphere and I love sitting on the patio. The servers have always been very pleasant, I have not met one rude waitress/waiter yet. The last time I was there Sonny Purdue was eating lunch there! Some of the favorites of the menu: The Tomminator as an appetizer and the pulled pork sandwich. Great local place dive, I’d suggest it to anyone.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Anonymous · March 6, 2008  3:34 PM

    Cut them some slack, they have only been open since August. I have been to Fox Bros several times and I absolutely love it. It is a great local dive and it has become one of my favorite spots around Atlanta. It has a great family atmosphere and I love sitting outside on the patio and enjoying a beer and a pulled pork sandwich. Some favorites on the menu: the Tomminator, brisket, and the chicken salad. The service is wonderful- I have always had a very personable server. The last time I was there Sonny Purdue was eating lunch! Great place- I’d suggest it to anyone.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Trip · March 8, 2008  7:58 AM

    I just went to the Fox brothers this week. I had their chicken wings for an appitizer (1/2 off between 4-7pm). They were some of the best I have ever had. They are smoked first and then fried and tossed in hot sauce. They are served with a white bbq sauce on the side. For the main course I went with the pulled pork sandwich and collard greens. The meat was tender and moist and the greens were seasoned well with a little piece of smoked meat included. Their portions are huge and the bar scene is an unexpected bonus. Great addition to the intown scene.

  • Re: Fox Bros. BBQ: Inman Park/Little Five
    posted by: Emily · November 17, 2008  8:59 AM

    easily one of the best bbq restaraunts in atlanta, if not georgia. everytime i eat there, i always have a good experience. tuesday nights with the meatloaf will blow you away and monday nights are fried catfish. the weekend always hold an delicious special, and great desserts (have you tried their red velvet cheesecake?!). this place is a diamond in the rough which makes it even better to see it winning all these amazing awards (something that everyone seems to have bypassed). if you’re looking for some down home cooking with some down to earth people – Fox Bros BBQ is your place.

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