Fortune Cookie Restaurant: North Druid Hills

posted on April 20, 2012 at 4:37 pm

One of the biggest sucks about Atlanta is the dearth of good restaurants that deliver unless you go the Zifty or Fast Food Dude route. You cannot deny that places like New York have us beat with options. We moved in between Emory and Buord Highway a couple of years ago and I was certain the choices would be better than our old Castleberry Hill digs, but I was wrong. We’ve got two spots max and they aren’t spectacular. We always end up shooting up BuHi for takeout, which isn’t a bad thing. Trust. However, the other night was a seriously lazy night. It was raining, Moon didn’t want to clean, which meant I wasn’t cooking. So, I started googling for inspiration.

What’s this? There is a Chinese restaurant around the corner called Fortune Cookie? They deliver? They have 4 stars with about 80 something reviews on Yelp? We decided to take a chance. Now, Fortune Cookie is what I call slutty Chinese. Why slutty you may ask? Because it is Americanized Chinese. You know the type – sweet sauces, fried spring rolls, lo mein, etc. The kind of stuff we grew up eating before we were introduced to Tasty China and Danny Ting’s deft hand. We ordered our childhood standards – orange beef, lo mein, egg foo young, beef and broccoli, spring rolls and some other stuff. Would yo believe me if I tell you it was good? Like, we couldn’t stop talking about how good it was and were already plotting our next order as we stood around the kitchen counter devouring the mix of dishes we packed into our enormous bowls. Yeah, some things could be a tad less sweet or saucy, but we can deal for a little convenience and comfort food. We have a Chinese restaurant that delivers and is good. Color me complete. Scroll down to see my awesomely bad pictures of the dishes.

Beef and broccoli

Egg foo young

Veggie lo mein

Orange beef
Fortune Cookie on Urbanspoon

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  • Re: Fortune Cookie Restaurant: North Druid Hills
    posted by: john · April 20, 2012  6:16 PM

    ryan f., julie’s husband sent me something today about the sanitary problems of that place. they had their good 2010 report up on the wall, got busted, took it down, put it back up and got busted again. i think the last score was 79.

  • Re: Fortune Cookie Restaurant: North Druid Hills
    posted by: Jim · April 20, 2012  9:32 PM

    Fyi they have a sunday buffet with all the classic american chinese dishes.

  • Re: Fortune Cookie Restaurant: North Druid Hills
    posted by: Marny · April 21, 2012  12:29 AM

    Fortune Cookie is my favorite Christmas Day restaurant.

  • Re: Fortune Cookie Restaurant: North Druid Hills
    posted by: NancyB · April 24, 2012  11:00 AM

    I still fall back on Golden Buddha for reliable Chinese delivery, but maybe I need to give Fortune Cookie a try.

  • Re: Fortune Cookie Restaurant: North Druid Hills
    posted by: Jodi · May 13, 2012  10:47 PM

    I live in the area, can’t believe I haven’t heard of it. Good to know. I agree, there is a big hole in the delivery market around these parts!

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