Food find: White Windmill white bread

posted on February 11, 2008 at 7:30 am

Food find: milk toast
For my daily bread, I am more of a multi-grain or rustic fan, but certain dishes–like French toast–call for good old white bread. I prefer to buy full loaves for such occasions, but can’t seem to find a satisfactory version at conventional supermarkets. So, when I need white bread, I head to Korean bakeries for this “milk toast.” You can find it at spots like White Windmill, SuperH and some Japanese stores like Tomato where I got this loaf. The bread is just heavenly–densely packed with layer after layer of buttery bread-y goodness. They also have it in half loaves (at most locations) if the full loaf is more than you need.

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  • Re: Food find: White Windmill white bread
    posted by: Anonymous · February 12, 2008  6:46 AM

    You should try Jamaican hardo bread. It’s a really dense white bread. I’ve seen it at the Sweet Auburn Curb market, but it’s probably available at other Jamaican stores.

  • Re: Food find: White Windmill white bread
    posted by: Jeremy M · February 12, 2008  11:24 AM

    I’ve not tried any of the korean breads to which you refer, but I do have quite a soft spot for Captain John Derst’s butter white. The only place I can locate it around sandy springs is in kroger. Let me tell you, it makes one hell of a grilled cheese sandwich 😉

  • Re: Food find: White Windmill white bread
    posted by: Anonymous · February 18, 2008  3:31 AM

    Joli Kobe in the Prado has the bread you crave.

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