Food find: Vosges’ Exotic Caramels

posted on December 10, 2006 at 7:55 am

I love any food that can successfully combine sweet and savory flavors. Chocolate and savory combinations are even better. I am currently addicted to Vosges’ Exotic Caramels. Think deliciously milky caramel enrobed in chocolate and infused with a wildly creative assortment of flavors.
The flavors are:
~ Hawaiian red sea salt + milk chocolate topped with li hing powder
~ Brazil nut + South American cocoa nib + dark chocolate topped with cocoa nibs
~ Rose water + pink peppercorn + dark chocolate topped with rose petals
~ Argentine dulce de leche + Costa Rican cashew + milk chocolate topped with cashew pieces
~ Canadian maple sugar + walnut caramel + dark chocolate topped with maple sugar
~ Tupelo Honey & Bee Pollen + milk chocolate topped with bee pollen
~ Blood orange + Campari + dark chocolate topped with hibiscus powder
~ Mexican guajillo chili + licorice root + organic pumpkin seed + dark chocolate topped with green pumpkin seed
~ Aboriginal anise myrtle + dark chocolate topped with green anise myrtle

They can be found at Star Provisions and are about $29 for the box and come with 18 caramels (2 of each flavor). Get some now! They are especially delicious with a fine dessert wine. I have a bit of a thing for Reciotos. If you like the sweet and savory thing like me, be sure to check out Knipschildt Chocolatier as well. You can purchase them on their website or at Whole Foods.

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  • Re: Food find: Vosges’ Exotic Caramels
    posted by: Kat · December 15, 2006  1:04 PM

    Chocolate and caramel. What else can you ask for? All of those flavors sound great. Thanks for the info!

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