Food find: Poulet Rouge Fermier

posted on June 5, 2008 at 6:12 am

Was I was growing up, Sundays were our traditional family day. We’d go to the movies, do some shopping (mostly for food) and have a big dinner. My Dad’s chef friend would come over most Sundays (his day off). And, I would just sit at the counter and watch the two of them drink wine, cook and talk smack to each other in Spanish. I loved those nights.
Although my folks now live in South Beach, I try to keep the tradition alive. Since Moon is nice enough to let me choose where we dine on most occasions, I like to make him something special on Sundays. Even though I tell him “I’ll make you absolutely anything you want,” he always requests my roast chicken. I don’t do anything fancy–just a very dry bird, salt, high heat and a bed of whole green garlic and veg I have from the farm stand.
Since I probably make a roast chicken once a week, we’ve tried pretty much every bird out there. Our current favorite is the Poulet Rouge Fermier being sold at Whole Foods on Ponce, which is an air-chilled French heritage chicken. They are a smaller bird (around 3-4 lbs) with great flavor and the thin skin crisps up very nicely. Check them out if you are chicken fan.
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