Food find: Potted chicken livers at Star Provisions

posted on October 30, 2008 at 12:21 pm
Been a while since I dropped a food find on youz guys. Went over to Star to load up on some veggies from the Local Farm Stand (check out their spanking new website) and Paul gave me a taste of this new product they are selling. I dare say it is even better than the version at Holeman and Finch–the more the merrier! It is super creamy with only the faintest hint of iron and a nice sweetness. I imagine the top layer of duck fat could be reused to fry some eggs if you swing that way. Loves it. There is also a new ciccioli (Italian pork terrine) that I took home. It was oh-my-gerd-good. Chef Todd Immel is really cranking out some good stuff over there. Look for some merguez sausage (my fave sausage in the world) soon using his made-from-scratch harrisa.
I have been getting a few emails re: sourcing party items for the upcoming Dia De Los Muertos. In addition to their special orange-y and sugar covered bread, Star has these sugar skulls. 
And one more Star-related item: Everyone’s favorite cheesemonger, Tim Gaddis, is back!! I had almost given up on the cheese department, but Tim is the absolute best in the city. 
Disclaimer and an FYI: All photos taken with my super secret spy camera since Star has the most ridiculous photography policy, which they even enforced on my friend’s nine year old while she was taking a picture of a honey bottle (!) with the camera she’d received for her birthday that day. Some rules are meant to be broken.

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  • Re: Food find: Potted chicken livers at Star Provisions
    posted by: Dirty · October 31, 2008  3:15 AM

    Tim being back at Star Provisions is great news.

    Thanks for posting that!

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