Food find: Korean fried chicken at Ma Lul Ha Lu (CLOSED)

posted on November 20, 2007 at 11:29 am

Another gorgeous phone photo

I have certain friends that are enablers when it comes to dining out–Chowfun is one of those friends. On our way back from shabu shabu yesterday, we stopped by Super H to grab some groceries for dinner. Always on the lookout for new restaurants, I spotted a Korean sign with the English words “chicken wings” next to it. Being the good foodie that I am, I pointed it out to Chowfun and we went over to see what was up. They had some photos of food in the window and one was a picture of fried chicken. I knew my diet was in trouble at that point. Chowfun loves his “fwied chix.”

We placed our order for a bird ($16.99 for the order) and went to the market to grab our stuff. We lost track of time in and came back to pick up our food assuming it would be ruined and soggy. It was anything but. The restaurant packs the chicken in pizza boxes along with the spicy sauce and it was still very crispy. They had hacked up the bird into manageable bites and we, being the gluttons that we are, started in on it on the drive back home.

It was quite possibly the best fried chicken I’d had in quite some time and my pal agreed. Juicy, crispy, and not an ounce of grease. The sauce was spicy and sweet–a perfect contrast to the chicken. No garlic version to be found, but this really hit the spot. You must try this if you are a fried chicken fan.

Being the good girl that I am, I left Chowfun with the remainder of the bird (save a few pieces to share with some friends) and proceeded to do an hour on the elliptical that night–the chicken was worth the punishment.

I don’t have the exact address, but this is located in the same shopping center as the SuperH Mart on the same side as White Windmill Bakery. Look for the words “chicken wings.” The woman behind the counter does not speak great English, so be patient–there are pictures anyway. I also saw some diners eating some good looking hot pots that I will be sure to try on my next visit.
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  • Re: Food find: Korean fried chicken at Ma Lul Ha Lu (CLOSED)
    posted by: gan911 · November 21, 2007  4:12 AM

    i know that i saw it before, never got it…I want to compare it to either ‘my favorite cheogajip chicken’ @ old ptree & assi mart or the other cheogajip chicken joint @ the super H – johns creek…

    too bad they don’t do anything less than a whole chicken…and isn’t it amazing how there’s ZERO grease on the paper below the chicken? its like magic

  • Re: Food find: Korean fried chicken at Ma Lul Ha Lu (CLOSED)
    posted by: Az · November 21, 2007  3:52 PM

    should be more of this kfc (korean fried chicken) here in atlanta like in some other metro

  • Re: Food find: Korean fried chicken at Ma Lul Ha Lu (CLOSED)
    posted by: Jaye Joseph · January 14, 2008  7:48 PM

    Based on your rec, we ate here the last time I was in Atlanta. We actually ate in the restaurant, and ordering the chicken, we ended up getting a ton of food for the $16.99. There was an omlette soup, some creamed corn concoction that was amazing (served on a sizzling platter) and a few other thing that I can’t remember right now. We were stuffed, couldn’t come close to finishing that chicken by the time it came out, and the whole thing, with tip, was under $25 for 3 people.

    This is a place I’ll be visiting frequently when I’m back in town.

  • Re: Food find: Korean fried chicken at Ma Lul Ha Lu (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · February 26, 2008  1:48 PM

    This place is ok, try baden baden on peachtree or bistro off of 85 and I think its oakcliff, i could be wrong. Anyways they have better fried chicken

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