Food Find: Karen & Nancy caramels

posted on January 24, 2009 at 3:01 pm
I am not a big sweets fiend, but there are some treats I just can’t say no to; caramels are one of them. I am big on texture and love things that require a little tooth work to enjoy. So, caramels are obviously high on my list. However, finding good caramels is a tricky thing. Well, Moon came home the other day with “the most expensive caramels” he’d ever purchased–I think they were about $14 at Star Provisions–in hopes that it might be a “Food find.” 
Food Find: Karen & Nancy caramels
The caramels come from Karen & Nancy of Winston-Salem, who have an online shop on the uber-cute site, Etsy–a local blogger, Lori Federico, also has a shop on the site where she sells her super creative (and kind of punk rock) paper goods I am itching for a reason to order.
Food Find: Karen & Nancy caramels
The caramels are insanely creamy with just enough bite and a sprinkling of French sea salt. Unlike the countless other caramels I have eaten in my life, they don’t dissolve the minute the hit your tongue or have that excessively greasy mouthfeel. I am totally smitten.
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