Food Find: Hanger steak at Star Provisions

posted on June 17, 2007 at 3:15 pm
I was seriously craving a burger last week and kept fighting off the temptation because I was trying to be good (whatever that means). That was, until I went to Star and Charlie offered to grind me a hanger steak burger because he was making a batch for another customer. Now, I don’t know if this is a regular thing he does-you’d probably have to call ahead if you want some ground—but, something tells me some of my darling readers have the Kitchen Aid Mixer grinding attachment at your home. They pretty much always have the hangers stocked in the case and they make perfect burgers! Why not grind some next time you make burgers at home? The ratio of fat to meat made for a very juicy burger that was not greasy at all. I served them on one of the brioche buns from the bakery with Maytag cheddar cheese, produce from Crystal Organic farm stand, and some truffle mayo I bought in France. Also made some hand-cut baby potato chips to go along. I can safely say my burger craving has been satisfied.

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  • Re: Food Find: Hanger steak at Star Provisions
    posted by: Uncle Seymour · June 18, 2007  5:15 AM

    Oy, what a burger! I’m going to plotz

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