Food find: Hamantashen at Alon’s

posted on March 10, 2009 at 2:30 am
I love Hamantashen. My Grandma Frieda would make them for us when she visited from Mexico City. I’ve tried to replicate her recipe, but it never comes out the same. I’ve given up on making them at home, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Alon’s makes some around Purim (I think I have seen them on other occasions as well) and they are absolutely delicious. You can get them in prune, poppy, chocolate, apricot and raspberry. The chunky and sticky apricot filling is my favorite; The cookie is not too crisp, but still sturdy enough with a good amount of soft spots. The cashier told me they’d have them for a few days past Purim. Get them before they are gone.
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  • Re: Food find: Hamantashen at Alon’s
    posted by: Ciambellina · March 11, 2009  12:22 PM

    Great idea! I’ve recently become addicted to Alon’s ciabatta bread.

    I could use Blissful Glutton’s expertise. I need to take my parents to lunch somewhere downtown on Saturday afternoon (we are attending a parade and will be on foot/MARTA). Any thoughts?!

  • Re: Food find: Hamantashen at Alon’s
    posted by: astheroshe · March 19, 2009  12:51 PM

    i love the Hamamtashen at The Palace Bakery in Toco Hills…just like my aunts. I have not been there in a long i hope they are still there?..They use to have good knish too.:)

    I have a great recipe that i make..shaping them is the hardest part.

  • Re: Food find: Hamantashen at Alon’s
    posted by: Nickname unavailable · February 3, 2010  10:38 AM

    You can also get these at Goldberg's deli. I also took a class on how to make them at the MJCCA a few years back, so the ones I learned to make with added orange zest to the dough are fabulous. I also use Nutella as one of my fillings.

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