Food Find: Flan at La Promesa

posted on March 3, 2010 at 5:13 am


Every time I visit Gorditas La Rancherita (look for my full review in Creative Loafing next week), I have to pay La Promesa a visit for a little something sweet. They make some amazing classic Mexican pastries and El Salvadorean pupusas. They even have some awesome homemade salsas in the the fridge for the pupusas or whatever else you’d like to use if for.

The real draw for me is the flan. The bakery makes three different types and they are all amazing. My favorite? The one in the front case that is sliced to order from a round as large as a tire.


No one makes flan like my abuela or mama, but this is the next best thing to getting on a plane to Mexico or Miami. It’s dense–without being a gut-bomb–and has a nice amount of caramel that covers the surface area of every piece. I adore it. You’ll be tempted to get just one piece, but trust me, you need to get two.

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  • Re: Food Find: Flan at La Promesa
    posted by: Daric · March 3, 2010  10:24 AM

    I’ve often wondered about that place every time I’m at Gorditas. Last time I ordered a pambazo at Gorditas, they went next door and got the bread their as I waited. But honestly I’ve never left Gorditas with enough room for dessert.

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