Food find: Cipriani dried pastas

posted on November 29, 2008 at 12:31 pm

Let’s face it. Few of us have the time to make fresh pasta. While there are plenty of places to get fresh noodles in town, I rely on dried varieties when I am cooking at home. My absolute favorite brand–aside from Bionature–is the Cipriani brand. Yes, that Cipriani. The noodles only take 3 minutes (at most) to cook, have the most delicate texture, but don’t turn to mush after a few turns with your tongs.  Here is what owner Arrigo Cipriani says about his pasta: 

At Harry’s Bar we have always made our own pasta and the experience we have gained over the years, has taught us that in egg pasta, there are three important elements. The flour must be made from durum wheat, the best grade eggs must be used and the pasta must be worked with care, rolled over and over again, never so much as to overheat it, but enough to give it that special quality. If all these precepts are followed, the pasta will have the essential characteristics of being both firm and soft. Two attributes that would seem to be in opposition, but which real pasta lovers recognize perfectly. If pasta of this class is then dried slowly at a low temperature, the resulting product will be unique. This is the reason why we took the decision, first as a bet and then as a labor of love and conviction, to begin to manufacture our own pasta, the pasta that has conquered so many gourmets. Different pasta shapes lend themselves to different dishes, but often the choice is either left to chance, to market forces or to individual eating habits. Therefore when tagliolini or tagliardi are referred to, we mean the pasta produced by us.The only pasta that should be made at home are ravioli and perhaps cannelloni, as far as the others are concerned, it is better to buy them in a shop.

Each box is normally 8.8 ounces, which is more than enough for 2 people. I have found them at the Fresh Market on Peachtree Rd. and vaguely recall seeing them at William Sonoma. Give them a try. You won’t be sorry.
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