Food find: Blossoming tea at YDFM

posted on December 30, 2008 at 7:36 pm
I don’t drink tea as much as should. Coffee rules in this household. But I do love the higher quality Asian teas–especially Chinese varieties. One of the things I miss about San Francisco is that most of the Chinese restaurants I frequented had an extensive selection of teas to choose from. Some even had a separate menu. The vast selection made exploring easy and fun. One of my favorite types was (and still is) the tea blossoms like, this “Vi Dian Hong.”
You can find it in many stores around Atlanta, but it is costly. I was happy to find it at YDFM for a decent price. It was very aromatic dry and brewed. I would suggest brewing it a little longer than you would other “loose” teas since it is not as pungent as the premium varietals you get at fancier stores. A good value and easy to carry if you like to bring your own tea when you dine.


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  • Re: Food find: Blossoming tea at YDFM
    posted by: Joshua · January 3, 2009  12:25 PM

    Why these things have not popped up at the Ritz, Intercon, etc along with Aria, Sotto Sotto, Baccanalia etc is beyond me. Tehy tase great and each one is art.

  • Re: Food find: Blossoming tea at YDFM
    posted by: Drew · January 6, 2009  10:08 AM

    How big are the YDFM containers that the spices come in (and apparently this tea)? I’d like to buy some glass spice jars to store everything but can’t figure out what size to get.

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