Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt

posted on September 15, 2009 at 5:00 am
I am a picky customer when it comes to yogurt; it has to be really good for me to eat it in lieu of my beloved eggs (I f-ing adore eggs) for breakfast. Good yogurt is a hard thing to come by after you’ve been spoiled by the real French yogurts I’ve had in Paris. Nothing comes close. You are going to think I am crazy, but breakfast via hotel room service is one of my favorite things to eat in France. Seriously. I wake up as excited as a kid on their birthday. Nothing starts the day off right like a tray filled with amazing French yogurt packaged in clay pots, freshly baked croissants, steamed whole milk and a pot of strong coffee. Pure bliss. We are actually going to Paris for our honeymoon and it can’t come soon enough. But I digress. Back to the topic at hand: yogurt.
On my weekly visit to Star and The Local Farmstand, I spotted these yogurts in the case while I was grabbing some dairy stuffs. I immediately asked Tim, the cheesemonger, what the story was behind this local company and he launched into the story behind Atlanta Fresh without hesitation. Now, Tim’s a cool customer so you better pay attention when he gets excited about something. All I needed to hear was that Atlanta Fresh’s Greek yogurt is non-fat and made with milk from Johnston Family Farm–I adore their milk. You must immediately buy it if you come across it.
The yogurt is also made with whole or 2% milk if you like a little fat. But the diverse assortment if flavors–Port Wine and Cherry, Wildflower Honey and others–are definitely more exciting than any of the other non-fat yogurts I’ve eaten. I also like that the products hit the shelves within days of being produced. You can’t deny the appeal of product with such a short trip from “farm” to table.

Star also stocks the company’s mozzarella, but I was more interested in this stuff: The locally-made creme fraiche.

I can’t justify using this as I’m trying to watch the old wedding waistline. But someone has to buy it and tell me how it is. I’m waiting.
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  • Re: Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt
    posted by: Janea · September 16, 2009  8:40 AM

    If anyone is interested in trying Atlanta Fresh's marvelous yogurt, they will be at The Mercantile on Sunday, September 20 from 12 pm – 2 pm handing out FREE 6 oz. containers and sampling some of their other amazing items.
    1660 Dekalb Avenue, Suite 150
    Thanks so much!
    -Janea Boyles

  • Re: Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt
    posted by: Anonymous · September 22, 2009  12:17 PM

    Where is Star and The Local Farmstand?

    Where is the yogurt available for purchase?

  • Re: Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 22, 2009  1:28 PM

    Star Provisions
    1198 Howell Mill Rd NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318-5552
    (404) 365-0410

    The Local Farmstand is right near the entrance and open Tuesday through Saturday.

    You can buy the yogurt at Star.

  • Re: Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt
    posted by: Baron · October 2, 2009  5:02 PM

    You can also buy the Johnston milk and the Atlanta Fresh Yogurt at Sawicki's in Decatur. I make cheese every week (and a gallon of yogurt) w/ the Johnston milk and it's FABULOUS. I absolutely love their milk.

  • Re: Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt
    posted by: Tori · January 4, 2010  2:22 PM

    They have it Whole Foods in Buckhead now – they were giving out samples yesterday. Though it is pricey (I think it was $2.50 for a 65 oz container!) it is absolutely delicious. I just had a container of fat-free plain and it was delightful.

  • Re: Food find: Atlanta Fresh yogurt
    posted by: Tori · January 4, 2010  2:37 PM

    … oops, that was meant to be $2.50 for 6 oz, not 65 oz!

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