First impression: Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead

posted on January 23, 2010 at 6:39 am

Le Triskell French Creperie is the epitome of a hidden restaurant. I passed the place three times before I calleds. Yeah, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to navigation. I only found it after I called and the sweet French female voice cooed to me “to look for the French flag” outside of the Tuxedo Atrium office building. Voila!
Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead
The petite lunch/takeaway spot is owned by an older and tres adorable (big emphasis on adorable) French couple. They specialize in sandwiches and crepes although they do have more substantial specials like stuffed tomatoes Provencal, potato and leek soup and the beef in Burgundy sauce we ordered. Most of the specials are packaged in tidy white containers so you can take them back to the office and nuke them for hearty lunch. We chose to eat in the small courtyard outside of the restaurant, so the friendly owners reheated it for us.
Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead

The beef was very tender and there was a nice amount of flavor in the sauce. However, the entire dish could have used a bit more time on the stove to get the darker color and depth I expect in this dish. Perhaps they undercook it a bit in anticipation of customers reheating it in a microwave? We still managed to eat the whole thing–odd snow peas and all.
The creperie has loads of crepes to choose from and also offers a buckwheat version should you have issues with gluten. We went with the classic version.
Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead
The crepe didn’t have much in the way of a crispy edge and the batter was a bit eggier than I prefer, but it was still delicious. The interior was filled with melting cheese and black forest ham and the egg on top was fried to perfection. I would go back for this crepe alone. It was wonderfully warming on this particularly chilly day.
Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead
For dessert, we ordered the crepe made with chocolate and bananas. The texture of the crepe was, again, a little eggy and spongy for my taste, but it was still very good. The chocolate is prepared in house and it is intense. So intense it is almost boozy when it first hits your tongue. After a moment, the booziness subsides and the dark chocolate gets its turn. It was a pretty crazy sensation we both noticed. The Nutella version is next on my list.

Since we were being a little gluttonous we got the Parisien, a sandwich of room temperature butter, ham, gruyere and cornichon. The owner was still baking the bread when we ordered it so it was the last thing to arrive. My friend fell in love. He wanted to order a second one, but abstained in an exercise of self-control.
Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead

Even though the bread was not the texture I prefer, I did like the overall flavor and the presentation in a slender paper bag earned it some points.
Verdict: The creperie does not serve the best crepes and sandwiches you’ve ever had. However, its location and charm are hard to beat. French spots run by French people are so hard to find in Atlanta so I will take what I can get when I’m craving a little piece of Paris. I look forward to trying more dishes and supporting the super cute couple running the place. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and closed on Sunday.

(Editor’s note: I have the menu somewhere around here. I will post an image when I find it.)
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  • Re: First impression: Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead
    posted by: Anonymous · January 23, 2010  5:00 PM

    If you like French bistros, check out La Petite Maison in Sandy Springs. Love the food, and the day I was there, 3 tables were occupied by French speakers. The two sisters who own it and do the cooking are charming.

  • Re: First impression: Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead
    posted by: Athens Francophile · January 23, 2010  5:51 PM

    the name "le triskell" alerts that this is a Breton creperie as the triskell along with the ermine tail are the symbols of Bretagne in western France. The classic crepe or galette in Breton creperies is made of buckwheat flour batter. The wheat flour batter is usually only used in the sweet crepes in Brittany. Try the buckwheat batter as it is far superior in crispness and flavor. I even order my sweet crepes with the buckwheat when I am working in Brittany. glads to know that there is now a choice in atlanta.

  • Re: First impression: Le Triskell French Creperie: Buckhead
    posted by: Atlanta Creperie · February 27, 2012  10:00 PM

    Looking forward to checking this one out!

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