First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)

posted on December 30, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Bishoku: Sandy Springs

I wanna be Christiane Lauterbach when I grow up.

She always finds the best restaurants. We’ve been subscribers to her amazing publication, Knife & Fork, for many years. No one does a better job of covering food in Atlanta and beyond.

In her latest issue, she found this new Japanese spot called Bishoku. Moon and I had it on the top of our list. My fellow Japanese addict, Mr. Eat, Drink, Man, tweeted about a great meal there yesterday. That was all the reason I needed to go there immediately.

I went with my gal, Chloe, for lunch today and it was on point. The restaurant is fancy, but the prices are cheap. I love that they are open for lunch. And the Tonkotsu ramen (pictured above) was *almost* as good as my beloved, Yakitori Jinbei. Another thing I love about this place is that the owner is the daughter of the man who used to run Sushi Huku–it was recently sold to a young Korean chef. This was my family’s favorite sushi restaurant growing up and I have many fond memories of my dad buying the owner beer after beer. We used to have so much fun there and the food was always wonderful. His daughters are doing him proud with Bishoku.

Here’s what we ate:

Bishoku: Sandy Springs
Oshinko: Perfectly briny with plenty of snap.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs

Shrimp stuffed with kabocha squash and fried: Crunchy crust gives way to sweet squash and juicy shrimp.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs
Innards: shrimp and kabocha
Bishoku: Sandy Springs
Chirashi Don (sashimi over rice): the only miss. Some of the fish wasn’t as tasty (and fresh) as it could be. The rice was a little too cold. Sushi House Hayakawa still has the edge on this dish.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs

Geso Karaage (fried squid legs): Crunchy and tender squid. How can you not like fried squid? Not a drop of oil remained.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs

Miso marinated cod: Soft, sweet, umami and awesome.
Bishoku: Sandy Springs
Crab and cream croquettes.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs
Innards: Crab and cream croquettes.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs
A mayo shot just because.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs
Tonkotsu ramen: Good all around. No pork in ours, but I didn’t miss it. My only complaint is that the broth got salty towards the bottom. I think it may have been the end of the batch. Still very good. Better than Umaido and Blue Fin by a landslide. They use manufactured noodles, which I prefer. More uniform and consistent. The texture is superior to most handmade noodles I’ve had elsewhere. I also adored the spoons they serve with the soup.

Bishoku: Sandy Springs
An amazing dessert of thinly sliced apple over buttery crumble and a small dash of whipped cream. The perfect end to a lovely meal.
They also have oden if you’ve gone wanting, but they didn’t have it today. There will be a special omakase dinner menu (they aren’t serving lunch) on New Year’s Day if you are looking to start the year on a healthy note.
Verdict: More to explore, but my gut says “Yay!”

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  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: GrabMoL · December 30, 2009  4:46 PM

    Oh my. I think I just drooled on my laptop.

  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: Sean · December 30, 2009  5:03 PM

    F me I missed out today.

  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: Chloe · December 30, 2009  5:15 PM

    I can't believe we only ate 6 apps, 2 noodle bowls, 1 chirashi bowl, and 2 tiny desserts. We used to eat more than that! 🙂

    Best food porn, btw. Oh, and, where's the kinpira?

  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: hopeless foodie · December 30, 2009  5:42 PM

    Wow, everything looks great! I need to check this place out soon.

  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: iDine · January 6, 2010  9:35 AM

    The delicious cuisine Japanese at Bishoku just got a bit better! Bishoku is now on the iDine network–so you can earn 5-20% cash back the next time you dine there! Here's a link to Bishoku's iDine listing:

  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: ayan · January 14, 2010  6:33 AM

    We ate there last night, and it exceeded expectations in every way. The space was quiet, elegant, and comfortable. Service was spot on, and the friendly manager came out to chat with us several times.

    We did the "point randomly and order" and got the fried oysters, a smattering of sushi, hamachi kama, a bowl of udon, japanese stewed vegetables with tofu, and this eggplant… thing… best described as sesame miso eggplant creme brulee. We were kind of incoherent with joy after every bite. Also, the fried oysters were bigger than golfballs; the manager told us they stuff two or three into every panko crusted ball. And no, there was not a spot of grease left on that shatter-crisp crust. Definitely going back.

  • Re: First impression: Bishoku (Sandy Springs)
    posted by: Anonymous · February 9, 2010  7:40 AM

    my dad also used to buy beer to Huku-san all the time, and with my mom working late everyday my brother and i basically grew up eating at Huku. Now that I've moved to Chicago, I always crave their food and look forward to visiting Huku when I go to Atlanta every two years or so. Thank you so much for this info! I was so sad that Huku had new owners and this is such a wonderful news. definitely will be taking my baby and mom when i visit atlanta next week!

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