Feel like dinner and a movie?

posted on June 30, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Buckhead Backlot is now the AMC Fork & Screen Buckhead. The new concept will serve a variety of cocktails and a full menu of pub/bar standards (pizzas, burgers, salads, etc.) and traditional theater concessions. The grand opening is the weekend of July 11th with activities and goodies for the first customers through the doors. I haven’t been to the Backlot since college but might pay the revamped digs a visit because it sounds like a fun change of pace from a regular old theater. Click the thumbnails below to view the new menu.
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  • Re: Feel like dinner and a movie?
    posted by: Brianne · June 30, 2008  11:02 PM

    This seems like a cool idea, and the menu doesn’t look too bad either. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to link back to your post in the forums.

  • Re: Feel like dinner and a movie?
    posted by: A. Sunshine · July 1, 2008  5:20 AM

    I can’t wait to go here. The problem with me is that I drink alot then I have to go to the restroom and miss half the movie.

  • Re: Feel like dinner and a movie?
    posted by: Anonymous · July 1, 2008  1:16 PM

    it’s never really been a regular theater. I believe when it first opened it also served food. And it’s always had the tables in the back. but anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how the revamped place turns out.

  • Re: Feel like dinner and a movie?
    posted by: Foodgeek · July 2, 2008  4:01 AM

    I seriously hope it’s much better than the Backlot turned out to be in its later years. The last time I went there, I ordered a simple batch of wings and they came with rancid celery sticks that smelled so bad I couldn’t eat the rest of the food. Please let us know if the new name means they’ve started serving edible food.

  • Re: Feel like dinner and a movie?
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · July 2, 2008  4:39 AM

    Yes. I am aware that they were not a regular theater before. This is a “new concept” with a new menu.

    And FG, My meals there before were way meh too but that was back in college. Hope this menu is better.

  • Re: Feel like dinner and a movie?
    posted by: Matthew · July 15, 2008  6:15 PM

    We just got back from watching Hellboy 2 there.

    Fun movie.

    As far as the food service goes, we were underwhelmed. We ordered one appetizer (cheese sticks) and two entrees (burger and bbq). We received the appetizer and the check. When I pointed out the total lack of food, they comped us the burger and stale popcorn. The revised check was inaccurate.

    As far as the food alone. The burger was a burger. You can buy much the same almost anywhere.

    It’s a great concept, but the execution currently leaves much to be desired.

    However, we will be going back. Except for date nights (Friday and Saturday nights), the tickets for every show are $5.00. So if you want to see a first run movie on a week night, the price is unbeatable.

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