Fat Louie’s (CLOSED)

posted on March 12, 2006 at 5:03 pm

We stopped by Fat Louie’s yesterday because my boyfriend wanted chili. We shared a chili with Fritos and the chef gave us a free sample of gumbo to try. We were on our way to lunch so we did not order more. The chili was pretty good. I have this childhood things for Fritos in chili so I was happy. Good balance of flavors…took the heat of the tabasco well. There were also chickpeas in it which I like in my chili. The gumbo was awesome. Great sausage, light broth (I prefer it) and tender chicken. I will go back and have a dog/Italian beef. The Italian ices and hand-cut fries looked good.
Website: Fat Louie’s

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  • Re: Fat Louie’s (CLOSED)
    posted by: Jimmy Gatt · March 13, 2006  7:37 AM

    Since I work within walking distance of Fat Louie’s, I have eaten here several times.

    The hamburgers are, in fact, grilled. I’ve seen the bags of Kingsford sitting idle near the register, though it seems that the flavor is a bit lacking from what one would expect from a charcoal-grilled burger. Perhaps it’s the beef they use.

    The “beefs” (roast beef sandwiches) fare a little worse. Just not enough beefy flavor. Again, meat quality perhaps?

    The fries are terrible. They have consistently come out of the fryers greasy and soggy. This is not only my experience but also that of my coworker who has gone as far to call in his order and demand “extra extra extra extra crispy fries”. I believe that the problem is that their oil is not hot enough.

    I’ve also had the eggplant sandwich which was good.

    Overall, I’d rate it a B minus, but the allure of a local and independant burger joint has its allure.

  • Re: Fat Louie’s (CLOSED)
    posted by: Anonymous · March 16, 2006  12:38 PM

    I understand what you mean about the fries they did seem soggy to me. However, that has been fixed recently the fries have been nice and crispy. I have to say they are some of the best fries I have ever eaten.

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