Enrico Liberato no longer at Antico

posted on May 19, 2010 at 10:38 am

Antico Pizza Napoletana: Westside

Luca Varuni, Giovanni Di Palma, and Enrico Liberato
I got a tip that Enrico Liberato is no longer slinging pies at Antico. I confirmed this with owner Giovanni Di Palma who had this to say in a press release via email:

Antico Pizza Napoletana has made the some staff changes in order to maintain the highest level of Quality and Consistency mandated by it’s owner/Maestro Pizzaiolo Giovanni Di Palma. Antico Pizza will be crafted as always by Giovanni and Maestro Pizzaiolo Luca Varuni of Naples, Italy. Congrats to Luca! Luca has also been officially awarded U.S. Citizenship…welcome to America!!!! Nicola Russo who is fresh back from Naples, Italy has completed his certification and is now a Maestro Fornaio (oven master ). We regretfully had to end the planned short tenure of Enrico Liberato as Fornaio (oven worker) to make room for Nicola and newcomer apprentice Giuseppe Di Palma. We wish him well.

No word on where Liberato has landed…

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  • Re: Enrico Liberato no longer at Antico
    posted by: Jimbo Jenkins · May 25, 2010  10:38 AM

    My friend witnessed a big fight between the cooks a few weeks ago, which started in the kitchen and spilled into the parking lot. It involved a lot of angrily spoken Italian, some thrown punches & bottles, and was finally broken up by the owner. Not sure if that’s just how Italian kitchens work, or if it had something to do with this.

  • Re: Enrico Liberato no longer at Antico
    posted by: JJ Lauren · May 25, 2010  2:30 PM

    Yes, there was a fight a month ago, but it was not broken up by the owner. It was broken up by the Hispanic staff members and Mike, the guy who works in the parking lot (a sort-of “valet” although he doesn’t actually park your car). Mike was the only person who could restrain the owner, who kept throwing punches at one of the cooks even after his brother tried to calm him down. He punched a girl to the ground who had nothing to do with it, except that she seemed to be trying to break up the fight. Where I come from, men keep the fighting between themselves; you don’t punch a girl to the ground who didn’t touch you at all.

    It seems like it took him a really long time to devise this “press release” and to me it seems like a lot of BS. If they really got rid of the best cook there to “make room” for another, then why have they already gotten three 1-star reviews in less than a month? It was probably a “kitchen disagreement” that ended up in the best cook leaving to find someone more decent to work with.

  • Re: Enrico Liberato no longer at Antico
    posted by: K-Dogg · June 14, 2010  12:59 PM

    My wife and I went to Antico last week, and the pizza tasted just as good as the first day we went there! (we were quite relieved, considering what we had read here in the comments section). I am also pleased to report that they have added even more seating in the back room! 🙂

  • Re: Enrico Liberato no longer at Antico
    posted by: Anthony · August 2, 2012  1:41 AM

    Giovanni is his fake Italian name – he real name is John DiPalma. He is a scumbag that stole his kid from his mother and has ripped off tons of people. He’s running from so many people in Florida he ripped off. He is being sued right now by someone in Florida. Hope Karma gets his ass.

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