Element Gastro Lounge and Food Lab closes

posted on October 5, 2007 at 5:49 am

Read the article by John Kessler in today’s AJC.

Sad news…

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  • Re: Element Gastro Lounge and Food Lab closes
    posted by: Anonymous · October 5, 2007  7:26 AM

    I really wanted to try this place. I had reservations for Saturday. They called me yesterday and told me they would not be open…..oh well.

    Not my favorite style of cooking but I’m tired of the “same” restaurants opening. It was good to have some variety and one that concentrated on food and the experience more than the color of the walls and attracting the “it” crowd. But I guess if you don’t have oysters on the half shell or a crab cake appetizer then you are not going to stay open in this city. Such a shame.

  • Re: Element Gastro Lounge and Food Lab closes
    posted by: Brad · October 6, 2007  9:29 AM

    We gave it a shot last month and found the food interesting but we left unsatisfied with empty pockets $80 each- we heard the same story from several oyhers who tried it – Everything was tasty but but all the foams and purees weren’t my favorites texturally – plus I could practically hear a funeral durge playing in the background when I walked in the place to see it practically empty at prime time – no energy- I think it might have worked better in a more intimate boutique type environment that resembled a food lab – or at least a little more chic to help sell the big check coming at the end – I read about a similar restaurant in Tokyo called The Molecular Food Lab but it was in the Mandarin Oriental and featured $120.00 25 course tasting menu – here is a great review of it another similar restaurant is WD~50 in NYC
    An open kitchen might have been a draw considering all Blais’ unique cooking methods – Even though it really wasn’t my thing I am glad I tried it!

  • Re: Element Gastro Lounge and Food Lab closes
    posted by: Anonymous · October 7, 2007  5:01 PM

    Boy, what a shock….NOT! Blaise is very talented, but needs an editor in the worst way. Some things he makes are excellent, but the misteps are far too many and it only takes a few of them to ruin the whole dining experience. I’m sure he’ll turn up again somewhere else and flame out again somewhere else, unless someone can harness his talent and control his ego.

  • Re: Element Gastro Lounge and Food Lab closes
    posted by: Frank · October 9, 2007  7:29 AM

    I only ate at Element once, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The entire experience was fun and the food was excellent. Were there some items that I didn’t quite “get”? Sure, but the intent was to experience some creativity and have some fun. I don’t think I was expecting it to be a 100% hit against my tastes or pre-dispositions – that was the whole point. Very sorry to see Element close, but glad I had a chance to experience it.

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