El Rey de Taco: Buford Highway

posted on May 12, 2006 at 3:59 am

I am a tough cookie to please when it comes to tacos. I got spoiled at a young age. My Dad used to take me to all his old haunts in Mexico City (My folks are from there if you are just tuning in). I got spoiled at a young age. I have been hesitant to recommend a taco joint in Atlanta because none have really pleased me. El Rey de Taco, which has been around forever, has become a recent go-to spot. They have consistently good fare. I got a beef torta (the king of all sandwiches) and two mini-tacos with cabeza (beef cheeks) and carnitas (pork). The torta is not the thing to go for here but I was not close to a Las Tortas Locas…my default sandwich joint. The tacos, however, are. Good quality tortillas, option for regular/mini (the mini just makes for a better taco…puts more focus on the meat) and the best darn salsas in Atlanta. The green is thick and I mean thick with avocado and tomatillos. Great heat level. The red is smoky and spicy and has a tad of bitterness from the skin of the chiles. The bitterness against the spice is a lovely thing. They also have these mini table-top grills which I need to go try when I have a second stomach. I will take a photo next time I am in.
Address: 5288 Buford Hwy NE
Phone: (770) 986-0032
Map: El Rey de Taco
Cuisine: Mexican

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