El Pastor: Chamblee

posted on February 5, 2006 at 8:51 am


I am very discouraged with the Mexican food scene in Atlanta. I have never found any place that really feels like an authentic taqueria. Wrong tortillas, bad meat, etc. There is always something lacking. Atlanta Foodies, in the know, have been flocking to El Pastor on Saturdays for many years for their Al Pastor tacos (never understood why they call it El Pastor when it is really Al Pastor). I have not been back to Mexico in a while and was craving Al Pastor. I hate to say it but the place just is not as good as it used to be. The meat stands still…no rotation. It was cold by the time it got to my table and the tortillas were paper thin and machine-made. They just fell apart in my hand were way too big. Taquerias in Mexico use fresh tortillas most of the time that are half of the size. The meat was also very greasy and dripped all over the place when I was eating it. Al Pastor should be moist but this was ridiculous. They also topped the tacos with a greasy pile of sliced onions. The sad thing is that this is one of the best Pastor tacos Atlanta has to offer. I also ordered some sopes to try out and they were horrible. Chalky refried beans. Poorly-fried sope shells. It was all wrong and I could not get past one bite. Maybe it was just an off day but I was not impressed.
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    posted by: Bliss'Sis · February 5, 2006  3:43 PM

    I have always loved El Pastor. The tacos al pastor are incomparable to the real deal in Mexico. However, El Pastor as the best al pastor I have found in Atlanta. I have been going there on the weekends since I was a kid and its usually great. Polo, who makes the tacos, knows how I like them. Only one tortilla and meat well cooked so it’s almost crispy. They are greasy, like my sister said, but I love them anyway. Most of the other dishes here are average. The menudo on the weekend and the other caldos during the week are also worth making the trip. But the prices are oh so cheap and who doesn’t love that?

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