El Maguey Taqueria: Atlanta

posted on April 17, 2006 at 3:52 pm

I have been hearing things about this place for quite some time. I stopped in after my underwhelming Korean meal to grab a few tacos and see what the fuss was about. I started out with some radishes and lime. I love these and they are pretty hard to screw up. Always refreshing on a hot day.

I ordered the beef cheek and the mushroom tacos. Both were underseasoned and not that exciting. The tortillas, which were handmade, were too thin and chewy for my taste. I like a bit of thickness and the texture of masa in my mouth.
The salsas, which they say are prepared fresh every day, were not very good. I would have thought they had come from a jar but the consistency and flavor of both choices. An boring taco experience overall. I’ve had much better elswhere on Buford Highway. But, there is still no place liek Mexico. How hard can it be to replicate a good taco? Don’t waste your time or money.
Address: 5499 Buford Hwy
Phone: (770) 455-6461
Map: El Maguey
Cuisine: Latin, Mexican

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  • Re: El Maguey Taqueria: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · April 19, 2006  7:56 AM

    you never seem to post the addresses of any place that you review. any particular reason for this prctice?

  • Re: El Maguey Taqueria: Atlanta
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · April 19, 2006  9:35 AM

    If I cannot find it I don’t post it. Most of my posts have a link to the website or address though. I do most of the time.

  • Re: El Maguey Taqueria: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · April 22, 2006  7:30 PM

    Had the pozole (weekends only) here. When spiced up with the bottled hot sauce and the offered red salsas, lime, onions and cabbage, this pozole (featuring largish chunks of fat surrounded pork meat) was as they say “muy rico.” Not the best I have had, but have had worse in Mexico, and I finished almost every drop of the spicy red broth. The factory made tostada crisps went very well with the offered green salsas. Not sure about the tacos, but the pozole was more than OK.

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