East Pearl Seafood: Duluth

posted on February 11, 2006 at 2:01 pm


Well, I have to thank Chef Lamar over on Atlanta Cuisine for this place. We went to go try it out for lunch on Saturday. The building is odd. It seems that it was a Southwestern log cabin restaurant before it was transformed into this Dim Sum destination. The space is very clean and the service was attentive. The food was hot and varied. They had a large window with Peking ducks hanging and a man preparing Dim Sum behind it. We got an order of duck and pork which was all right but I couldn’t not really tell because we were so full from our previous dishes. My companion enjoyed the duck more than the pork. I felt the pork was a bit over-spiced but would like to try it again.

An overall good Dim Sum experience though. I will be returning. They have those Chinese doughnuts I love. I can’t pass those up.


Address: 1810 Liddell LN
Phone: (678) 380-6868
Cuisine: Chinese, Dim Sum
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