Duluth: Box Chicken

posted on October 18, 2011 at 8:12 pm

Three years ago, Korean fried chicken exploded onto the Atlanta scene. However, most of the places that opened around that time didn’t last. The places that followed the “pioneers” weren’t as good or closed within a few months of opening. As a result, there hasn’t been anywhere to get a decent box of crunchy chicken for a while. So, I was skeptical when I spotted Box Chicken in the Pleasant Hill Super H Mart in that stall near the banchan and marinated meats.
Considering the fact that I had just had a relatively decent bowl of ramen at Raku Tonkatsu + Ramen (it has improved, by the way) I was not hungry, but my Moon cannot pass up fried chicken. So, being the good wife that I am, I got him a box.
While waiting the 15 or so minutes it takes for them to fry up the order (read more about how Korean fried chicken is made here), I chuckled to myself while reading the chalkboard behind the cashier.

I brought the chicken home to Moon and, luckily, he hadn’t eaten. I expected him to eat a couple of pieces (he’s a manorexic), but he couldn’t stop. According to him, it is “the best Korean fried chicken I have eaten in Atlanta. The hot sauce is flavorful and complex.” He also added that he liked that there were lots of boneless pieces making it easier to eat. I had some a few hours later and it was still crunchy and juicy thanks to the box design. Excellent flavor on the crust too. It was also crunchy the next day and the next. Props for the Coke and other goodies in the box. We consider it a destination. So should you.

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  • Re: Duluth: Box Chicken
    posted by: Ayan · June 19, 2012  7:26 PM

    It has closed. We are devastate. The boyfiend keeps clinging to the defunct coupon, like some demented baby and his binkie.

    Have you heard whether they may reopen somewhere else?

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