Dolce: Atlantic Station

posted on March 9, 2007 at 6:25 am

A friend of mine invited me to Dolce a while back. I was curious to see what this place was all about. I had heard that they made their own burrata and I was intrigued-I adore burrata. We each ordered wine from the meager wine list. I got a prosecco that was enjoyable. We ordered the burrata and proscuitto, the chopped salad, the risotto with porcini mushrooms, and the osso bucco. Our appetizers came out and we instantly noticed that both the avocado and the dressing were missing. The waiter remedied the situation , but my dining partner had already lost interest in the salad. The burrata platter arrived and it did not look like any burrata I had ever met. It was way too creamy and lacked flavor. The skin was almost too tough to cut with a knife. To make matters worse, the kitchen had drenched the entire platter in balsamic vinegar. We did not finish it. Our mains came out and they were immense. My risotto had more balsamic vinegar drizzled all over it. Maybe to mask the fact that the “porcinis” were out of season and tasteless. The risotto was just average-it needed more of something and the balsamic just ruined it for me. The osso bucco was actually very tender and well seasoned. The risotto Milanese could have benefited from a bit more salt though. No gremolata to be found, which normally provided the brightness this heavy dish requires. We sat waiting for our dessert menus, but they never came. Our waiter just forgot about us. 20 minutes later (yeah, we were letting it go to see how long we could sit there before anyone notices our necks craning for server attention), we flagged someone down and asked for our bill. Seems our server thought our bar bill was our dinner bill.

Verdict: Sexy space. Mediocre food. Seems many of the clientele were there in hopes of seeing Ashton Kutcher–bridge and tunnel baby (or as I like to call it, highway and access road). Should you go? Stay far, far away.

Address: 261 19th St
Phone: (404) 872-3902

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  • Re: Dolce: Atlantic Station
    posted by: Anonymous · April 10, 2007  1:27 PM

    Not only is the food mediocre – they are RUDE! We showed up in a small group with a FABULOUSLY dressed man (linen pants, Gucci sandals and summery cardigan) and were told he did not meet their “dress code”! We were turned away. This is AFTER they allowed someone in with a TSHIRT, droopy jeans and SNEAKERS!
    Anyway, they offered absolutely no possibilities to go in. I would NEVER EVER go back.

  • Re: Dolce: Atlantic Station
    posted by: Stacy · January 2, 2008  12:58 PM

    I just recently went to this restaurant and couldn’t agree more with your entry. I was appalled at this restaurant. We went as a group there on New Year’s Eve and luckily we were promptly seated as it seemed no one else after us were with empty tables all night and crowds of people waiting. The food was horrible and the speed of receiving food from the pre-set menu was over 3.5 hrs. The manager came to our table after we asked for him twice and had only excuses to give me. Horrible service, rude, and frankly Atlanta does not need Dolce in this city!

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