DELICA rf1: San Francisco (Ferry Building)

posted on February 20, 2008 at 6:45 pm
Delica: San Francisco
Can someone please, please open a place like this in Atlanta? I wanted one of EVERYTHING! Just an absolutely cool concept with a great feel to the space.
Delica: San Francisco
Selection of fried and grilled items for combo plates/bento boxes

Delica: San Francisco
Pre-made bento boxes

Delica: San Francisco
Closeup of fried items

Choosing what to eat was very hard, but I went with the spicy burdoch root salad, a couple of fried items (pork and shrimp) and some organic miso soup (not pictured). It was just so refreshing and delicious!
Delica: San Francisco
If I lived in SF, I would be eating here every single day.

Address: 1 Ferry Building (Marketplace Shop #4)
Phone: (415)834-0344

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