Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur

posted on September 6, 2007 at 4:21 am
Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur
As most of you know, I do a lot of my food shopping at Star Provisions–mostly because they have a farm stand and it is so close to my house. If it weren’t for Star, I would have never discovered Batdorf & Bronson Coffee-they have a retail kiosk in Star where you can get a cup of coffee or a bag of beans. The coffee roastery started in Washington state, but opened a local roasting facility here and the rest is history. Foodies and coffee fiends (I am definitely one) embraced the company for their full-flavored blends and commitment to quality–the beans are always, always fresh.

Batdorf & Bronson recently opened their first coffee shop in Atlanta (there are other in Washington where the owners are from) and I was more than happy to go out and support a small artisan business–I’ll take this place over a Starbucks any day. They are located in Decatur, which is quickly becoming a foodie mecca with plenty of choices specialty cookware stores, specialty food stores, and plenty of ethnic eats in close proximity.

The space is minimal and they are definitely in the process of getting their rhythm down. But, this place should do well. There were already plenty of folks sitting on the patio with their dogs and the paper. Other sat inside on their laptops quietly working away–I think they provide free WiFi. There is a large selection of coffee makers and they will be installing self-service bean bins in the near future.

I’d heard murmurings from other coffee-fiends that the cafe had installed a Clover machine, which is a commercial-grade coffee single cup coffee brewer. The beauty of the Clover is that it allows you to adjust the brew based on the bean’s individual characteristics.
Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur

Always the curious sort, I ordered a coffee made on the clover. I also got their cup of dougnuts (from Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen). You can get this as a “coffee and doughnuts” combo, but I bought a bag of coffee and my cup was free–always nice to see that perk at coffee shops.
Coffee was very strong just like I like it. And, the doughnuts were sick as usual–could this be the best doughnut in Atlanta?
Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur
Coffee and doughnuts

Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur
Doughnuts–they come in two sizes.

All in all, a positive experience. The place has only been open for about two weeks, but the coffee is solid–isn’t that what you go there for? They will be adding a load of events like “cuppings” where you can sample a large variety of blends kind of like a wine tasting. I may be going to take a tour of the roasting plant sometime soon–never been to a roastery–and will definitely report back with plenty of photos if I do.

Address: 419 W Ponce de Leon Avenue
Phone: (404) 687-1100
Hours: tbd
Payment: Cash or credit

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  • Re: Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur
    posted by: Heather · September 14, 2007  11:59 AM

    I agree, Dancing Goats is great. I appreciate that their take-away cups are not made of plastic and are biodegradeable.

  • Re: Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur
    posted by: michael · November 19, 2007  12:15 PM

    I finally made it over to Decatur and loved the cafe. Now if they would only open one over on Peacthree in Midtown or on the West Side – it would be great.

  • Re: Dancing Goats Cafe: Decatur
    posted by: Todd · November 26, 2007  6:52 PM

    Finally made it here last Saturday afternoon and got a cup of the Dancing Goats blend to go. I like the minimalist yet comfortable layout of the place. The coffee was perfect. My only “gripe” is that they are only open until 9 PM. With so few indie coffee houses in Atlanta, this would be a great place to chill with a book at night.

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